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Marine Layer

In their own words

Marine Layer
Quest For The Perfect Shirt
Everyone has a few perfect shirts. The ones that fit just right; broken in over years of washing. The day after his girlfriend threw away his favorite shirt, Mike Natenshon started working on Marine Layer.

An Old Favorite, Brand New
The mission was simple: create a new favorite tee that was perfectly soft and great fitting right out of the gates. It took a couple big credit card bills and over a year of development to make the first run of shirts, but they were worth the wait. Mike set up a “shop” in his living room and sold the first hundred shirts in just a few weeks. Marine Layer was off and running…

Good Buddies, Good Business
Our early customers were so happy with the shirts they overlooked some notable operational “hiccups”. Order a polo, get a t-shirt…Spell Cotton with an “a” on the labels…Clearly there was room for improvement on the business front. Enter Adam, Mike’s best friend since Jr. High. Adam has been involved with Marine Layer since the beginning, moonlighting as a part-time model, floor sander and shuffleboard partner. But with sales growing and a new retail store in the works Adam took the plunge full-time. The new COO hung up his business casual and has Marine Layer clicking on all cylinders.

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