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Founded in 2010, Tugs, LLC is built around our original product, Tugs sunglass retainers. Tugs are a unique sunglass accessory that are much more than just a retainer for your shades; they are a fashion accessory designed to complement your clothing and lifestyle. Tugs were created as a luxury alternative to the traditional sunglass retainer. Tugs are sunglass retainers made from fashionable materials to provide a one-of-a-kind look. Tugs are not only functional as a sunglass retainer, but also serve to complement your clothing. Each pair of Tugs includes our signature Tugs logo finely embroidered on the left-hand side. We currently offer Tugs in a wide variety of fabrics such as seersucker and gingham, as well as in many colors, patterns, and embroidery color options. Tugs are sewn in the United States by fine Americans. We use the highest quality fabric and seersucker blends, creating a strong hold for your sunglasses, while providing a light, soft feel as you wear them. The adjustable bead is made of unfinished wood, giving tugs a unique look.

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