Anecesserie: Greeting Cards, Stationery Sets & Invitations

Ancesserie Letterpress creates elegant and rustic stationery and invitations in Edgefield, SC.  Modern stationery and invitations are hand-crafted from the 19th newspaper plates used by their six-generation family newspaper, The Edgefield Advertiser.  Their stationery and invitations are hand-crafted in the USA on the finest American paper stock.

Ancesserie comes from the Old French word for ancestry. One day, in recent past, I was called to discover in the pressroom of our family’s newspaper beautiful letterpress type and engravings once used by my Great and Great-Great-Grandfathers to produce The Edgefield Advertiser. This living community chronicle, the longest running newspaper in South Carolina, has been in their family for 4 generations! Ancesserie’s line of stationery is all handcrafted, inspired by and using much of this early tooling. These images tell a beautiful and lasting American story.

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