Blankenship Dry Goods: Men's Seersucker & Pastel Shorts


Blankenship Dry Goods Shorts, Pants & Tee Shirts

Blankenship Dry Goods resolves to create differentiated garments inspired by classic American prep wear. 

As a Made in Manhattan brand, they focus on a clean, contemporary aesthetic. In doing so, they let their garment quality speak for the brand, rather than using exterior logo branding. In addition, the American Flag, a beacon of hope and opportunity, accents their product line discretely. The flag motif is a proud reminder that Blankenship Dry Goods are created stateside.

Blankenship is a brand that recognizes that freedom is not free. There are individuals serving the greater good that selflessly protect Freedom worldwide deserving of special recognition. Accordingly, 5% of Blankenship Dry Goods' profits are pledged to  Wounded Warrior Project


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