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Hamptons Jack Sandal in Gold by Jack Rogers
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Going back to school is such a fun experience. We all know that the fun part of returning to campus is preparing for it and then the first couple of weeks before the hard work begins, but that is okay because we are here to celebrate just that! Whether you are heading back to high school or college, we know that you are going to have a great year! It is always so much fun to collect all of the school supplies you need, start planning out your schedule, and to reunite with friends you may not have seen in a while. After asking a few people about what makes their first day back to hitting the books a little bit better, they all gave us the same response - rocking a new outfit!

Since this is the case, we have compiled a selection of items that will help you decide what you want to wear when you walk into the classroom. It goes without saying that the perfect outfit can turn a boring day around and can add a little bit more confidence to your walk, so go ahead and splurge on an ensemble that suits your personality. No matter what your favorite brand may be, we have them all here at Country Club Prep. We are dedicated to ensuring that your first day is the best day, and we know that this can be the case when you try any of the items located below.

Once you have found the perfect outfit, do not forget to smile and enjoy the year! With a positive attitude and an outfit by Country Club Prep, we are sure that you will be the best dressed in class, and maybe even on campus. Happy Studying (and having fun)!