HOW IT WORKS:  At first glance, the Wonderbund is a super high quality black cummerbund that comes with a matching black satin bow tie (very Bond... James Bond).  This high-end piece of menswear is future-spouse approved and fit for any occasion that requires a tuxedo, but there's a twist.

THE TWIST: When you’re ready to start the party, simply flip it over to reveal a gold encrusted championship belt, or maybe a sparkly disco ball.  No need to fuss with clips, just flip and you’re good to go. If patterns are more your style, we have lobstas, mustache, and 'Murican Flag Wonderbunds — so you can party with prints, too.  Whether you have a dedicated tuxedo closet or you're renting a tuxedo for your first prom, owning a Wonderbund will ensure your style shines at the next event. 

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