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Knot Belt Co.

Knot Belt Co.

Knot Belt Co.

The Birth of Knot Clothing & Belt Co. For two years I researched manufacturing, sourced materials and design the first collection of ribbon belts all while maintaining my suit and tie job. It was 2009 when Knot Clothing & Belt Co. was officially born. The first collection was well received and after another year of juggling my office job and building Knot during many late nights, I decided to make it a full-time reality. Trading in my wingtips for boat shoes and my starched button down for a well-worn t- shirt is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. My grandfather always said to do what you want in life but be good at it, and he was right. Family, friends and fans inspire each belt design and early mornings on the golf course and late nights out are catalysts for new brand ideas. We work hard, play harder and pride ourselves that every belt is created in America. Thanks for checking out Knot Clothing & Belt Co. and I hope you’ll find a belt here that will support the best moments in your life. After all, why knot? Nick Mannella, Founder
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