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Southern Proper is authentic heritage woven with modern-day fashion. Distinction melded with everyday practicality. It’s your grandfather’s refinement with your dashing, contemporary expression. Emilie “Emmie” Claire Howard launched this preppy vision in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia — it's since grown to include Southern-inspired clothing and accessories for men, women and kids that are just the cat’s pajamas. (Southern Proper does not manufacture bedtime attire for felines. Yet.)

Southern Proper — affectionately known as Sopro — has positioned itself to dress a Southern gentleman from head to toe. Sweltering summer days are a breeze in Southern Proper’s short sleeve button-downs, while chilly evenings are made comfortable with robust cotton flannels. All of Sopro’s button-downs can be paired with their distinctive lines of bow ties and neckties, which separate the boys from the Southern gentlemen. Their Gentleman’s Jacket blazer’s double barrel cigar pockets are a nod to your father, while a pop of color under the collar reminds the world that you’re your own man. Tweed takes on a new meaning with Sopro’s tweed jacket, complete with custom gingham liner, some very manly frills (who doesn’t appreciate a good flask pocket?), stellar ventilation, and of course, working cuff buttons. And from Sopro’s boxers to belts to hats, you’ll be able to fully accessorize.

Sopro has some choice pieces for preppy Southern gals, too. You’ll love their plaid wrap dresses, which were inspired by the men’s button-downs but boast a fabulously feminine fit. Catch a couple whiffs of retro as you check out Sopro’s skorts, complete with flattering pleated waists and modernized, oversize scalloping. To complete the look, Sopro offers ultra-classy footwear, such as the cowgirl-inspired Caroline flat. Ladies and gents alike should saddle up your hypothetical horses, because shopping Sopro will take you on an unforgettable trail ride that snakes through the classic and modern styles of the South.


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