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As sister and brother we always thought that it would be amazing to work together. We grew up in New England and over the years began to notice that so many of the places we loved were changing. New houses were being built everywhere we turned, more garbage was washing ashore on beaches, and we were slowly watching these beautiful parts of New England get ruined. In the spring of 2009, one of us had just gotten laid off from work in New York and the other had just graduated college, and an opportunity presented itself to us: Sarah had always been interested in needlepointing, and had been making belts and pillows for family and friends since she was in high school. We thought about how cool it would be to put needlepoint stitching on a baseball hat (something we had never seen before) and to give profits back to environmental organizations in order to help save the places we loved. We wanted to create a product that somehow intertwined our love for New England, our respect for the environment, and our desire to live a life in which our work was our passion. We went searching for over a year to find a manufacturer that could not only meet our high standards creatively, but also environmentally and socially. For us, knowing where, how, and by whom our hats were made was paramount. And so HARDING-LANE was born. Our mission is to create interesting and beautiful products that look great and give back. Quality + intent = a better planet. Sarah & Steve

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