Uncle Digby: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Uncle Digby, 

Summer is my favorite season and I just can't get enough madras, seersucker, and bright colors. It's not possible to overdo it, is it? 

Cal Eidoscope
Somerville, MA


My young fellow, it's possible to overdo anything, hence the phrase "too much of a good thing."
A patch-madras sport coat over seersucker pants, with red boat shoes, yellow polo, sailing belt, and rope bracelet would have everyone saying, "Bro, you forgot the seersucker sunglass straps." And yes, we have those, too.
You see, we love all that stuff, but preppy tradition dictates one so-called fun item per outfit. Make that one clothing item and one accessory. Fortunately summer is 90 days, even longer in some places. 
So dial things back a notch by pairing your favorite seasonal items with perennial basics such as khakis, solid navy polo, or white oxford, sleeves-rolled. You'll avoid the dreaded try-hard appearance and actually make your well chosen fun item stand out even more. 

Uncle Digby


Questions may be submitted in writing to UncleDigbyCCPrep@gmail.com.

Digby's Trivia: The city of Madras, India, was renamed Chennai in an effort to do away with names from the time of British occupation. 

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