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    Raise your hand if you love the corporate grind! (Bueller?) Over Under Clothing founder Bryan Horn was yearning for freedom from an unthrilling office job, and in 2008, took a leap of faith into the clothing world. It wasn’t long before preppy sportsmen across the country were delighted by the Over Under Clothing line, and Bryan could expand the brand. For a guy whose style is so classic, Bryan has taken a pretty nontraditional route in life.

     With an iron-willed dedication to American-made quality, Over Under Clothing makes 100% of their goods in the United States. Leather wares such as wallets are crafted from Texas-raised steer and bison hides; men’s and women’s tees are sewn from American-grown cotton. And you can bet your preppy bum that their all-American clothing is built to last.

     Brimming with shotgun shell designs and durable fabrics, Over Under Clothing shows off their support for the sporting lifestyle. With tee prints that feature the likes of brook trout and pheasants, Over Under Clothing gives quite a few nods to hunters and fishermen. The brand even has their own signature camo pattern, featuring grouse, geese, ducks, quail and the all-important retriever (which happens to be Over Under’s logo).

    What monumental good did humans do to deserve dogs? Over Under Clothing is so appreciative of everything that our canine friends have given us that the brand endeavors to give something back. That’s why a portion of each Over Under Clothing sale benefits Labrador Retriever rescues across the country. We at Country Club Prep can hardly think of a more worthy cause.