Heat-wave Survival Kit: the Tank Top

Historical Tank Tops
If you're reading this, we're assuming you're either down at the beach or inside with the AC cranked up. That's because it's hot enough to make eggs benedict on the sidewalk — not that you'd ever want to actually do that. 

So as a heat wave envelops the nation, we got to thinking: what's the minimum torso covering you can wear and still fly the prep flag? That would be the tank top, sartorial history's greatest invention for air flow to the armpits. 

The tank top takes its shape and name from "tank suits," those one-piece bathing suits popular in the 1920s. They're also called A-shirts, for athletic, since they're the kind of top worn for baskeball, track and field, and other sports. The Urban Dictionary has a listing for the shirt under the name "wife beater," but we've never actually met anyone who says that. 
Here are some of our favorites for both men and women. And always remember to stay hydrated and stay preppy. 


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