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Like all building blocks of preppy style, the Barbour jacket transcends generations. One of the hallmarks of preppy style is the way it blurs distinctions. Men gladly don "girly" colors like kelly green and bubblegum pink, while women wear khakis and fisherman sweaters. As Lisa Birnbach showed the world in "The Official Preppy Handbook," androgyny is an intrinsic preppy virtue.

Preppy is also ageless: not only will it last forever, it removes the lines between youth and age. Penny loafers cover the feet of kids on the school playground and just as well as they cover the bunions and corns of the elderly, and both grandfather and grandson can wear the same schoolboy-inspired uniform of navy blazer, white buttondown and rep tie. Prep is an all-in-the-family way of dressing.

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If one brand epitomizes this multigenerational appeal, it's Barbour. The English clothier, founded in South Shields in1894, makes outerwear appreciated by male and female, young and old. You're just as likely to see a young woman in a fitted quilted jacket as you are to see a septuagenarian with a bow tie framed between the corduroy collars of his well aged and well cherished Beaufort or Bedale.

In a world dominated by disposable fast fashion — something preps have enough sense to avoid — Barbour jackets are true investment pieces that can be handed down to offspring. They belong in that ever-shrinking category of clothing that actually improves with age. You won't find many global fashion houses that operate a program devoted to restoring and refurbishing clothing that it made its profit on long ago, but that's exactly what Barbour does with its repairs and reproofing department. Now that's integrity and standing by your product.

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This year Country Club Prep is proud to offer a full range of Barbour outerwear, from the most traditional classics to fashion-driven collections that bring a contemporary twist to the iconic waxed cotton and quilted fabrications. For the fall/winter 2015 season, Barbour has created two special collections with products for both men and women.

The Tartan Collection pays tribute to the firm's heritage. Founder John Barbour was a Scotsman, and tartan linings have been used since the company's earliest days. Today Barbour has seven exclusive tartans which are used not only in jackets and coats but scarves and skirts. "It's all about taking that traditional English countryside look and making it more modern and urban," says Elissa Millican, head of Barbour's US marketing department.

The Spirit Of Adventure collection channels the brand's maritime and military heritage, and an exclusive partnership with Land Rover has yielded pieces of exceptional design and craftsmanship. 

When choosing the jacket that's right for you, Millican stresses, think about how you want it to function — functionality being one of the brand's keys since the early days outfitting gentlemanly pursuits such as hunting and fishing. Tailored fits look sleek and flattering but may only accommodate a sweater underneath. To wear your Barbour over a blazer or even suit, choose your size accordingly. In general, waxed models are roomier than quilted ones. "It's about being strategic with your purchase," says Millican.

Though with years of use to look forward to, any purchase is a strategic one. 
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