8 Preppy Dresses for the Working Girl

Women's Preppy Dresses
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Preppy Dresses

When you talk about dressing up for work, the first thing that comes to mind is business casual. It’s easy, it’s professional, but it also gets a little bland and uncomfortable over time.

Women need to be able to express themselves at work beyond shoes. Working your way through an itchy sweater can make you feel haunted by your business casual attire.

This is the reason why you should wear preppy dresses. Preppy woman’s dresses are not only comfy, but they’re ultra stylish as well.

In this guide, we'll share eight dress ideas every working woman should wear at work. These are not your stock blazers and office pants ideas. Instead, these fancy dress ideas give you the freedom to be you.

Sounds good? Here are some of the best girly dresses you can wear at work.

1. Wear Prints With Standout Colors

Alexia Dress Jude Connally

One of the most annoying things about work clothes is a lack of inspiration. Many of the traditional office wear are lackluster, making you feel like another piece of office furniture. You want to be able to look colorful and express yourself at the same time.

You can start by wearing preppy woman’s dresses with different kinds of prints. Wear fun colors like red, teal and powder blue and add some prints into the mix.

A good example is the Alexia dress, which is perfect for both work and vacation. A-line style dresses flatter every woman, so wearing one at work will be nice. If you want something HR-safe, get one with a ¾ sleeve, which works whether it’s hotter or colder at work.

2. Pick Something Easy But Conservative

Seersucker Shirt Dress Vineyard Vines

Your workplace is not a place for the newest fashion trends. You don’t have to either. You want fancy dress ideas that are respectable and fits the formal environment you’re in.

Look for dresses with great value and offer you the level of conservative that you need at work. A good choice for girly dresses that still give you a respectful air is a shirt dress. You’d want something like a solid seersucker dress from Vineyard Vines.

Seersucker is soft and airy, which makes it a comfort to wear anywhere. If you want something extra cozy, add a soft blazer! It puts the work in the front, party in the back style a staple anywhere you go.

3. Wear Something Comfy

Long Sleeve Lace Hem Dress Vineyard Vines

Here’s the thing about work clothing: you’ll see that much of it is not very cozy. You need to dig a little to find preppy woman’s dresses that fit your style.

For starters, you would want to wear something comfortable that can get you through the entire day. Even then, you also want to stay cute at the same time.

If you want the perfect balance of comfy and cute, you want something like a Long Sleeve Lace Hem dress. You want to have the three-quarters sleeve to help with the cold air, while the horizontal stripes look awesome on you. To balance it all out, you’d want some easy contrasts on the colors for your dress ideas.

4. Choose Minimalist Designs

Emily Dress Vineyard Vines

There’s a lot of women who like shopping for clothes. A usual exception to that is work clothing. Fancy dress ideas need not be hard to find.

For women who love the minimalist design but are still stylish, you might want something like an Emily dress, which is a high-neck fixed halter. The length is great for office environments and would look awesome on you on a date night after work.

All you need to supplement it is a nice soft jacket or a blazer top. 

5. Wear Something Classic

Jude Connally Faux Suede Dress

For those who want to keep on the classic look mixed with minimalist stylings, there’s an easy way to do it. You want to stay with solid colors and go for great quality.

A good choice is the faux suede dress, which is a serious but gorgeous silhouette that fits any occasion. You want a fabric with the ease and comfort of knit fabric, but the sophistication of fancy dress ideas like suede.

These kinds of dresses would look awesome in classic colors like wine, black or beige. They’re a definite must-have when you have fancy dress ideas for work.

6. Have Something Basic

Seersucker White Shift Dress

Many women would love to look both simple but still ready to party after work. Don’t overthink it: Basic looks don’t need to be drab.

If you want some basic dress ideas, stick to solid color with some accents. You can use, for example, a white shift dress. This dress is elegant and simple, but if you can find something with accents on it, it’s much better.

You don’t need fancy dress ideas or extra work on it. Find one with gorgeous button detail, some contrast in the trim or even a difference in texture. This will give you a touch of class with a level of sophistication at work.

7. Have An “Everywhere” Dress

Everywhere Dress Gretchen Scott

When at work, every woman should have at least one dress that makes them stand out. A statement piece not only makes you glow better in a crowd, but it also should make you stand out from work to party.

A good choice for these is an “everywhere” dress. These tend to have bold prints, strong colors, and hard-to-wrinkle material. You want something multi-purpose, which means a good length on the sleeves for work environments and a beautiful form fit.

8. Find Something Flowy and Versatile

Breezy Blouson Dress Gretchen Scott

We’ve been talking about comfort and style the entire time. When it comes to girly dresses, nothing beats cotton. Work dresses made of cotton should be flowy, versatile and easy to wear.

You can pick a button-down dress that can give you a preppy aesthetic. Pick one with sleeves to show that air of formality without having to wear something over it. Supplement it with a matching belt and you can rock it from office to brunch and everything in between.

Why You Need Your Preppy Dresses At Work

When it comes to picking clothes for work, get away from the basic pants and blazer if you can. You want something that's feminine and works for you on a corporate level as well. Preppy dresses are the best choice when it comes to meeting these conflicting requirements.

If you’re looking for beautiful dresses that won’t give you a headache to wear, you want something gorgeous. Find them at Country Club Prep.

We offer different clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women. It’s not your average run-of-the-mill clothes shop. You can get anything from preppy to cute to sleepwear here.

Talk to us and get the beautiful dress that you deserve today.


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