Preppy Looks of the Week: 2/29-3/5

Preppy Looks of the Week March 1
Someone once said that the idea of March is far better than the month of March. That someone must not have lived in the South. That someone also must not have taken a March vacation.

Due to global warming, advertising agencies, or some unknown cause, March has become the new face for Spring, and you can't help but pine for pastels, seersucker, and all the madras that's on the way when you get those first few days that flirt with 70°.

Some of our favorite customers are already enjoying Spring fever; read on to see what they're wearing this week!

A Day with Bae

Our favorite (actually purchased) looks for the preppy couple on a casual day.

A Day with Bae

1.  Nautical Flags Tee
2.  Channel Marker Short
3.  YETI Rambler
4.  Seersucker Longshanks Hat
5.  Sperry Brown A/Os

6.  Brooks Popover
7.  Dessie Skirt
8.  Classic York Watch
9.  Golden Oyster Bracelet
10.  Harper Smoking Slipper

Preppy Cocktail Hour

Customer ensembles for early evening Friday drinks.

Preppy Cocktail Hour

1.  Montauk Dress Shirt
2.  The Skipjack Short
3.  Needlepoint Wallet
4.  Gunnison Driver

5.  Charleston Scallop Dress
6.  Hope Necklace
7.  Oh Shello Tumbler
8.  Jet Rowan Bracelet
9.  White Navajo Sandal

What say you, preppy people? What are you wearing this evening?


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