Celebrity Preps: Johnny Depp's Shocking Preppy Past

Johnny Depp was a Prep

Look at this man. Talent. Wealth. Fame. Ridiculous costumes. Johnny Depp has all of these things in spades, but when you put on that much make-up, it raises a question: is Johnny Depp hiding something?

Could our very own dark wanderer be a fraud? Country Club Prep is on the case!

After some serious Googling, we finally revealed the truth. JD wasn't always the mascara-covered, ship-stealing playboy he is today. In the 80s (a simpler time, no doubt), Depp was a prep! Or at least he played one in Nightmare on Elm Street.


Johnny Depp Prep 1

Let's break it down. Johnny's ladyfriend is wearing what appears to be a letter jacket. Jack Sparrow-era Johnny tended to go for less...conventional types. And look at his hair! Zack Morris would have killed for those feathered locks! Finally, lest we be remiss, check out his oxford. Unless we miss our mark - and we rarely do - Johnny's sporting some vintage Brooks Brothers. Thankfully Mr. Krueger didn't get his "hands" on that particular shirt.

Exhibit B

Johnny Depp Prep 2

Record scratch! Is that a SWEATER VEST? Let's enhance....

Johnny Depp Prep 3

It is a sweater vest! Ribbed with vertical stripes, no less! Put it together with a floppy-collared polo, and you have a the perfect villain ensemble for every 80s high school movie. I bet he's wearing white top-siders. That guy definitely rocks boat shoes.

There you have it. As judge and jury, I'm making the call: Depp was a prep. And he looked damn good doing it.



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