Callin' Oates: The Hotline

Callin' Oates: The Hotline
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Hall and Oates

Don't Be "Out of Touch": 719-26-OATES


Now, finally, we can make your "Dreams Come True." We're proud to introduce you to the "Callin' Oates Hotline." What is it, you ask? It's a hotline, of course - that plays nothing but Hall and Oates hold music.

But what happens after the hold? That's the kicker! It never ends! Whether you're a "Rich Girl" or not, this line would make even the grumpiest "Maneater" happy. Heck, it might even make my sister, "Sarah, Smile."

Need a laugh or just some ultra-smooth yacht rock to even out your day? Give 'em a call! You don't every have to be "Out of Touch" again. Just call 719-266-2837. We already have it on speed dial.

Don't feel like picking up the phone? We've got you covered. Time to get SMOOTH.


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