Summer Clothes for Men: How to Mix and Match Your Favorite Summertime Pieces

Mix and Match for Summer
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What to wear this summer

Whether you’re spending the summer in the city, the great outdoors, or a beach town, there are many options when it comes to summer clothes for men.

Men’s summer fashion doesn’t just have to be boat shoes, wayfarers, and cardigans.

If you can’t decide on your summer style, here are some ideas on building men’s summer outfits. They’ll impress while they keep you comfortable.

Summer Suits

The idea of wearing a suit in the summer may already have you sweating. But sometimes you’ll have to deal with summer formal parties, events, and weddings.

Unstructured suits made from lightweight cotton leave you feeling cool, confident, and comfortable.


The summer windbreaker has great functionality and style. Somehow it blocks the wind but weighs next to nothing. It’s durable and can be folded up to shove into a pocket, backpack, or carry-all.

Performance Pants

You could just wear shorts all summer to stay cool. But is it a good idea to show off those hairy calves all summer long? A pair of performance pants offers weather resistance and a clean, tapered look.


Most think of chinos as dress pants. But they can be worn in a casual style too.

Pair them with a henley shirt and canvas sneakers to stay casual. They offer a great temperature control on cooler days or evenings. They work great for the yacht club, beach bar, or summer house.

Fitted Polos

Many businesses relax dress codes for at least one day during the summer. And the default shirt many guys choose to wear is the polo. But even polos can be uncomfortable during the summer.

Luckily, manufacturers offer polos in sweat-wicking fabrics. Some are antimicrobial, anti-odor, and anti-moisture. Their cotton-like look and feel let you wear these polos in the office, golf course, or tennis court.

Linen Shirts

In the summer, comfort is key. Linen is thin and breathes. Accept that linen is going to wrinkle. It’s part of the style. Just steam it when wrinkles become creases. Linen is also available in muted neutral colors when you’re not in the mood for a bright, flashy look.

Basic T-shirts

Basic T’s can add a casual look to any ensemble. A solid color shirt can be added to a pair of chinos, shorts, or jeans without compromising style. And basic T’s are great for the beach thanks to their lightweight fabric.

Fitted Shorts

Fitted flat front shorts are a much better alternative to baggy, long cargo shorts if you’re looking for a summer style. The baggy cargo short has long been out of style. But some guys just won’t let go of the 90s.

It’s okay to show an inch or two above the knee. It has an intentional look. If done right, shorts shouldn’t look too tight or too short. Shorts come in all different lengths. Depending on your body type, you can go with anything from 5” to 10”. Most guys will look best in the 7-9” range.

Stretch Shorts

These shorts can be comfy, casual, and colorful. Shades of lavender, lemon, and lime can add an elegant style to these relaxed shorts. Pair them with some accessories to add some intentional fashion to your summer wear.

These are some of the most casual of summer clothes for men, so only wear them in appropriate settings.


There are many styles of loafers to choose from. Most guys have a pair of boat shoes by now. But a traditional penny loafer, driving moc, or dress loafer looks great with many summer styles. The loafer has been in the everyman’s style for decades. No one’s going to think you’re overdressed wearing a pair of leather loafers.

Loafers look great with t-shirts and shorts. And they still look great with button-downs and chinos. They work for most business casual settings. The great thing about loafers is that they become more and more comfortable as the days, weeks, and months go on. Oh, and please skip the socks.

Smart Sneakers

If there’s one other shoe to choose besides the loafer, it’s the smart sneaker.

Canvas sneakers can complement your dressier styles with an intentional casual flair. Pick up a pair of inexpensive leather laces to add some elegant style. Go no socks again. Or if you just can’t do it, pick up some no-show socks.

Canvas Strap Watches

Summer, sweat, and leather watch straps are a bad mix. Before you know it, your wrist could be smelling like a high school gym locker.

Instead, opt for a canvas watch strap. No matter what summer look you’re going for, a canvas strap attached to an elegant watch face will look great.


Dress sunglasses don’t include the sports frames you wear out on the water. Fortunately, you only have to take two styles seriously here. Aviators, especially square lenses, and wayfarers/club masters will complement your summer fashion.

Webbed Belt

The textures of a webbed belt can break up the solid color shirt and pants. Choose a belt that complements your outfit along with your watch strap. No. They should not match. 

Summer Hats

Straw hats are a great choice for men looking for a hat to wear this summer. They are trendy, lightweight, and comfortable. Straw hats help keep your head cool in the summer so you can relax. Straw Panama hats offer a tropical, leisurely look. Straw fedoras go well with suits and professional attire. So try one out at that summer wedding or cocktail party.

If you need something a little dressier, go for a dress hat. You don’t typically pair them with sportswear or casual clothing. Look for a dress hat not made of wool and felt. Those fabrics don’t go well with the summer sun. The pork pie hat adds an elegant, classy style to any summer formalwear and still lets you stand out in the crowd.

Check Out More Summer Clothes for Men

Men have a wide range of summer choices. Summer looks for guys don’t just have to involve beach clothes, sportswear, and business casual. Formal, fitted, and stretch clothing can be paired with fashionable accessories.

See great summer looks for guys at Country Club Prep. From loungewear to casual wear to formal wear, you’re sure to find a look that fits your style. Shop online or visit our stores to find unique summer clothes for men.


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