The Royal Closet: Admiring the Style of Diana, Princess of Wales

The Royal Closet: Admiring the Style of Diana, Princess of Wales
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While the royals are a family that many of us in the United States enjoy observing, we tend to become curious about more than just their lifestyle, but also the wardrobe that makes them undeniably royal. The spotlight today is going to shine brightly upon one of the loveliest royals to ever grace us, Diana, Princess of Wales. We all know how effortlessly beautiful that Princess Diana always appeared, and we are here to celebrate some of her most exquisite looks. As we look back and remember the Princess we cannot help but to recall her as being a hands-on type of leader – meaning that while she was royal, she never let it get to her head. She was always there for her community to lend a helping hand and was one of the best leaders in recent royal memory.
In February 1981, Princess Diana announced her engagement to Prince Charles while in the Buckingham Palace gardens. She donned a radiant blue skirt suit by Cojana that she found in Harrod’s, and I am certain that we can all agree that she looked absolutely astonishing. In an article that discusses the outfit Diana chose, it is claimed that “It was there that Princess Diana bought a skirt suit in a royal blue color, which just so happened to complement her engagement ring. This little-known fact isn't too surprising, considering her relatable public image. Even still, people likely never knew she got her outfit off the racks. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you suspected Princess Diana's engagement suit to be a custom look, courtesy of a designer. The royal could have made anything look elegant and luxe.” Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles was a time of change for the royal family, and this was just the beginning of the mark Diana would leave on the world, including both her community engagements and her style.
On July 29, 1981, Diana was married to Prince Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Aside from the day of the wedding, the gown itself was a spectacle unlike anything onlookers had ever seen before. It was custom designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, and it placed her in the spotlight instantly. In an interview with Emanuel, she states, “We had press renting rooms across the road from us, we had to put up blinds so people couldn’t see what we were doing. Every time Lady Diana turned up, there were loads of people waiting outside,” says Elizabeth. She remembers picking up every piece of thread or dropped sequin on the studio floor and stashing them away to stop the press from finding clues on what the dress would look like. While she admits it was stressful, she also says that it added to the sense of occasion, “That’s a fun thing for a designer. You turn on the TV and they’re all speculating but you know what it’s going to look like.”
In April 1982, Diana wore a beautiful baby blue polka dotted dress while on a trip to the Isles of Scilly. Oh, and did I mention that she was also expecting during this time. With a string of pearls around her neck, she was set for a day out. Diana knew how to make anything look incredible, no matter if she was expecting one of her children or not.
In July 1986, Princess Diana sat with her son, Harry, and although he was adorable, Diana’s ensemble was simply gorgeous. Her collared shirt matched with her adorable gingham pants made for the most appropriate Summer outfit fit for a princess.
During the month of November during 1987, Diana attended a performance at the Berlin Opera House. The pink gown she wore was designed by Catherine Walker, and was beautiful and extraordinary.
In March 1989, Diana took a tour of the Gulf States, and wore this outfit while in Kuwait City, United Arab. It takes a confident personality to pull off a color block element added to a garment, but, as always, Diana is able to appear effortlessly put together. Not only is color blocking a style that should be handles with care, but the color combination of pink and red is something that should never be overdone. This design from Catherine Walker is just the perfect amount of each element, and the gold buttons and matching hat provide this dress with a little something extra.
No one has ever had to be told that a faint pink color paired with white is elegant. It is a combination that represents grace and femininity. In July 1989, Diana attended a performance of Swan Lake at the London Coliseum where she wore this lovely dress designed by Catherine Walker. She looked so graceful in this look and her clutch ties the entire look together.

Also, during the month of July 1989, Diana could be found at Claridges for a state banquet. Now that we know where she was, we need to discuss this BEAUTIFUL look. I mean, look at that gown…and the tiara…and the jewelry! I know that I am in love with this evening look, and I am positive that many others are as well. Just when we believe that this outfit cannot get any better, we see that her pumps are the perfect shade of red to match her gown. This is simply show stopping.

 As of September, in 1989, Diana has now found herself sending her two young boys, William and Harry off to school. Here, she is with them at Wetherby School. It should be noted that her sons are absolutely precious, but the way Diana’s clothing matches so well with her sons’ outfits is simply sweet.

Coming soon, we'll detail Diana's style through the 90s. Thanks for reading, and give us a like if you'd like to read more!


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