The Royal Closet: Harry, Meghan, and Baby Archie

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Style
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For the purposes of this article, we'll just ignore the recent continental change that Harry and Meghan underwent and pretend this was written in July of 2019 (which it was!).

The newly-made parents, Harry and Meghan, have become trail-blazers in style for the Royals. They lead their lives with less formal fashion guidelines as Prince Harry is further down in line of succession than his brother, William. Meghan is actually the same age as Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, but dresses notably younger and trendier, while maintaining the required amount of tradition. Meghan’s classy, yet modern take at a unique look has become very popular with the public. Websites detailing her wardrobe choices have allowed women across the world to attempt to recreate her looks. Many say that Prince Harry in turn, has also blossomed into having a slightly different look than his brother. Keep reading to see just how Prince Harry and Meghan have become style icons.

The Couple

Since the Duke and Duchess’ styles work so effortlessly together, it is only appropriate to appreciate their looks together before we see them separately.

Stepping out with Harry and Meghan

The couple has been known to coordinate their looks, as you can see they regularly do with navy blue. We see Meghan step out in these simple navy-blue pumps that match Prince Harry’s suit down to a tee.

Former Duke and Duchess

Royal Style

Often it is this type of subtle matching that makes the couple’s look so impactful. Meghan’s white coat and navy dress underneath complement Harry’s suit and shirt perfectly. Yet, both of them maintain their own style. What features make up their personal styles? Let’s find out!

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

The Duke of Sussex has a history of rocking more casual wear than his older brother, William. Some of these notable fashion moments have carried over into his adult life, such as his fondness of bracelets. He has been seen at formal and informal events alike wearing several bracelets at a time, stacked, or one simple piece alone. This look has become sparser over the years, but still continues to wear one special bracelet that appeared over twenty years ago.

Prince Harry then and nowMeghan Markle Style

Harry has worn this bracelet almost daily since the death of his mother, Princess Diana. The silver bracelet is from a trip to Africa following her passing, and has been a part of his look since. He was even seen wearing it on his wedding day.

Prince Harry in a tie

The Duke is also known for his blue suits that he frequently sports, often a shade lighter than navy blue- a small step away from the traditional look his brother often wears. While this may not seem like a monumental fashion moment, it is in the eyes of the Crown.

Harry and Meghan Casual

Harry is also very keen on how to make a simple crewneck sweater look fabulous. Paired with a blue pant, his classic cashmere sweater look that he has worn since childhood looks even more fashionable next to his wife, who dons a feminine twist of the casual look. 

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

We may as well start with one of Meghan’s most notable, and even controversial, fashion moments- her wedding day. Her ceremony gown was criticized for being too minimal, not royal enough, and for being too “Hollywood”. The gown, designed by Claire Waight Geller, was created with just that in mind, however. The dress was meant to capture timeless, simple elegance, while paying homage to Meghan’s glamorous Hollywood background. This was possibly one of the first instances the public truly became aware of her personal style.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wedding

But it didn’t stop there! After she became the Duchess of Sussex, she transitioned into a second gown, designed by Stella McCartney. This halter neck gown was even more of a step away from tradition and towards glamour. Even Prince Harry changed out of his more formal military attire for a suaver tuxedo.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Weddine 2

Her looks post-wedding have been anything but disappointing, as her sense of fashion has grown more pronounced over time. Meghan has taken trends in stride, such as adding ruffles and volume to her outfits, like with this skirt and coat. She even incorporates a trendy velvet burgundy heel, all while looking royal.

Meghan Markle Dress

She has mastered the art of creating interesting outfits with simple and classic pieces, such as a blazer coat with stripe details. Her clutches have also caught public recognition for creating small statements within otherwise simple looks.

Meghan Markle Jacket

And finally, we can’t help but admire Meghan’s ability to play to her assets while maintaining modesty. Like in her wedding gowns, she shows her delicate collarbone off in outfits subtly, without baring her whole shoulders.

Prince Harry in a sweater

We look forward to seeing how the new mother and father incorporate their own styles into son, Archie’s wardrobe!

His Highness, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

While only a few months old, there is already speculation that the infant will have a less traditional wardrobe than his cousins of Cambridge. This notion has likely come about because of his given surnames, a surprise to many. Baby Archie was given a unique surname influenced by Prince Philip and the Queen’s family names. The name Archie, short for Archibald, is in itself a non-traditional name for a royal child. The name has become more popular in England lately, but is most familiar to Americans. Let’s take a look at some of Baby Archie’s fashion moments thus far.  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Baby ArchieMeghan Markle and Harry with Baby Archie

With limited photos taken of him so far, it is hard to say what his style will amount to. But only time will tell- and we can’t wait to see! 

We hope you enjoyed this trip through the Royal Closet of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan as much as we did! If you are itching to incorporate similar outfits into your wardrobe, take a look into our collection of men’s and women’s sweaters, bracelets, and more. And if you like this blog be sure to like, comment, or share this post!

-Sarah, CCP Intern


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