Time to Go Back to School! Top 10 College Outfit Ideas

Back to School Outfit Ideas
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College Outfit Ideas 

The moment people see you, they judge you. Most often they make this assessment based off your wardrobe.

So when you need to make a statement, let people know all about you with these trendy college outfit ideas.

1. Classic

When you're looking for a classic, timeless style, look to Audrey Hepburn. To this day, Audrey Hepburn is still the queen of classic style.

Add pearls and simple statement jewelry for a classic timeless effect. Focus on pieces that fit your shape well, and get them tailored if you need to.

Fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces in neutral tones that work well with one another.

Then dress them up with a pair of boots or heels or take it casual with converse sneakers.

2. Edgy

Ready to let the world know you're bold and confident, and display the notion that no one can mess with you? Go for an edgier look.

To pull this off, you need a leather jacket. This piece helps fill your wardrobe with blacks and dark blues. For an extra edgy look, add frayed and worn pieces.

Alternately, look for pieces with clean, straight edges to add more class to your edgy style.

Embrace silver accent pieces, dark eyes, and bold lips. You can add a black beanie or sun hat, depending on the weather.

Whatever you wear should make you feel confident. It's your confidence that will pull this look off.

3. Outdoorsy

Want to show you care about the environment and love nature? Go for an outdoorsy look. You don't need North Face or Patagonia to pull this off, either.

Look for neutral tones in greens, browns, and blues. Feel free to add a flannel shirt to your wardrobe. Add a cozy sweater and a warm cap if it's cold.

Wear comfortable worn jeans or short green shorts.

And of course, don't forget the boots! Any flat boot will help you pull off this look, or you can get a second-hand pair at nearly any thrift shop. This has the bonus of looking like you did all the hiking you say you did.

Styling your hair in a braid will put this look together.

For more ideas, check out our ideas for camping in style.

4. Preppy

Bring out the blazers, blouses, and skirts! Channel your inner Emma Watson to find a balance of professional, high class, and feminine. You are a modern-day lady!

Piece together solid tones that fit your body shape and pair them with some high heels or boat shoes.

Want more ideas? Check out our list on how to dress like your favorite preppy villains. We also have a list of preppy style tips for women.

5. Artsy

You're here for your art degree and no one can tell you that's a bad idea.

Start with big oversized pieces with bold prints and patterns. Go for a flowing shawl or a wide twirling skirt. Your next piece should be form-fitting and neutral.

Go for big accent jewelry with bold makeup and lip colors.

You have an artist's eye, so take time to compare the colors, lines, and contrasts. What emotions does your outfit evoke? Is it saying what you need it to say? If not, try again.

After all, your style is just an extension of your art.

6. Professional

College is just a stepping stone on your career path, and you're here to work. Let people know you mean business by going for a professional style.

Time to bring out the blazers, pinstriped skirts, and pantsuits. You can even take the Steve Jobs route and wear the same outfit every day.

You're going places. So you need to look professional, but keeping it simple can help you focus on the important things.

7. Vintage

The '70s are back in style! Head to a thrift shop or your local vintage store and see what you can pull back from the decades.

Go for bell-bottoms, thick shoes, oranges, and browns. Pair flowing skirts with leather jackets and boots. Bring back stripes, tassels, and flowing sleeves.

Whatever you do, make sure you feel confident in it.

8. Boho

Flowers and floral prints abound! Let out your inner free spirit and go for light-colored, floral printed flowing clothes.

Fill your wardrobe with sunhats and patterned prints from India. Accessorize with all the beads and bracelets.

Add feathers, plants, flowers, and any other accessories that evoke the spirit.

Wear your hair loose, or in a messy fishtail braid.

9. Casual

Bring out your comfy clothes, your favorite jeans, and your worn secrets. That vintage band tee you love.

When you're going for a casual style, many would argue it's not a style at all. When you dress casual, you wear what feels good to you.

Focus on pieces you love that work well together and fit right. These pieces should bring you happy memories and make you feel comfortable in your skin.

10. You

Above all, dress for a style that represents you. You are a unique beautiful individual, and the world should be able to appreciate that.

Wear things that express your interests and hobbies. Make sure they're things you feel comfortable in. Wear things you feel good about wearing.

After all, authenticity is the hardest style trait to perfect. But it's the most essential for creating beauty.

Use These College Outfit Ideas to Make a Statement

You represent yourself with your wardrobe. So use these college outfit ideas to make a statement.

Who are you? What kind of friends do you attract? What sort of hobbies interests you?

These questions should be answered by your clothes. Let people know who you are.

Ready to find and rock your perfect outfit? Check out our new arrivals here.


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