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Aloha Performance Button Down by Bermies
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Even before The Beach Boys popularized Bermuda (Jamaica, ooh I wanna take yah) as the premiere beach destination of the Caribbean, the island was well known for being the spot where comfy swimming shorts were more than just a fashion suggestion  — they were a lifestyle. What we now call swimming trunks were once exclusively known as Bermuda shorts, and short swimming trunks were and still are the preppy vacationer’s way of enjoying a day at the beach in both comfort and fashion. 

That’s exactly what Bermies, a colorful line of men’s swimwear designed to maximize comfortability and minimize swimming trunk wedgies, are all about. The illustrious and carefree Bermuda lifestyle is captured perfectly in every pair of Bermies, which typically feature a colorful summer design in a top of the line polyester and lycra material. What makes these trunks even better are the comfy four way stretch mesh liner and fast drying technology that will make you re-think any hesitation you might have had about taking quick dip in the water. 

Here at CCP, our summer line of Bermies feature the brand’s now famous swimming trunk design and a wide selection of short sleeve button downs made from the same breathable material. Each of the beautifully designed pair of Berries, from the appropriately named Chameleon design to the even more appropriately named Pineapple Vibes pattern, are guaranteed to make you re-think any previous hesitations or inconveniences you had with other pairs swimming trunks. 

Simply put, if you enjoy the beach, an afternoon of boating, or hanging out in your apartment complex’s pool with a good book, any pair of Bermies we carry in our Summer 2019 lineup are guaranteed to be your new favorite pair of swimming trunks. Don’t believe us? That’s probably because you haven’t worn a pair of Bermies yet, so pick some up today and make sure to wait at least thirty minutes after eating to test them out.