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Mission: Our mission is to cultivate and promote those noble ideals, instilled in us by our Southern heritage, through our providence of the finest quality clothing, superior customer service, and unmatched support for philanthropic efforts. How we started... While preparing for the festivities of the upcoming Rush season, Nathan Pearce and Peter Rafferty began brainstorming ideas for a higher quality, more original "Party Shirt". In doing so, they sought inspiration from classic brands and current trends, ultimately deciding that there was much to be improved upon. Specifically, they considered the traditional brands to have grown too large to provide the personal service and attention to detail required by true Fraternity men, while they felt many of the new Southern upstarts were merely cheap imitations of those same brands. Therefore, they developed the idea of a company which would produce products of the highest quality fabrics and which would allow each customer to design their own styles. Additionally, they were convinced that it was their responsibility, as true Southern gentleman, to remember the less fortunate and provide for their welfare through their successes.

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