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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Shorts in Royal Purple by Krass & Co.
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Krass & Co. is a high-end clothing company that focuses on athletic apparel. The company was born when founder Pierson Krass realized there weren’t any athletic shorts that combined style and top of the line materials in a classy manner. Since then, Krass & Co. has expanded into other areas such as women’s shorts and men’s shirts. Krass & Co. shorts are the best looking and most comfortable athletic shorts you will ever own. It’s plain and simple. Combining the perfect dose of class with an unmatched element of flash and athletic-style, these shorts are more than well-suited for any adventure you find yourself on. Whether you are rolling out of bed heading late to class, going to chill by the beach, killing it at a sports practice, or just lounging around, Krass & Co. shorts will keep you looking good and turning heads.