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Par-Tea Started Can Holder by Lily Grace
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Lily Grace aims to inspire young women to live a carefree lifestyle with effortless style. A sister company to Fripp Outdoors, Lily Grace was created by the demand for a girl’s version of hand drawn art. After working at Koss Creative Brands for years, two friends wanted to create a brand to truly capture the traditional southern lifestyle of effortless style.

The brand identity is made of the two very different personalities. Lily is a southern girl who loves pearls, puppies, bows, and sweet tea. She is girly, cautious, confident, sophisticated, and outgoing. Grace would spend all her time with her horse and playing music. She is thoughtful, kind, intuitive, adventurous, and grounded. Both ladies are beautiful, strong, and independent natural leaders. Lily Grace creates clothing and art that they love and identify with.

Beautifully hand-drawn graphics, catchy phrases, soft fabrics, and tailored fits help you embrace your effortless Southern style, no matter where you live. Lily Grace sells t-shirts, can holders, hoodies, hats, and more. You could spot Lily Grace's pastel shirts and playful designs in any crowd.

Filled with puns and pretty colors, every shirt from Lily Grace will make you say to yourself, "I wish I had thought of that!" From "practice what you preach" to "does before bros" on light blues and soft pinks, these shirts are a guaranteed giggle.

Shop Lilly Grace, the fashionable ladies' tee shirt designer that celebrates what it means to be a Southern belle on casual day. Featuring vibrant colors and inspired designs, Lily Grace is turning heads from Richmond to Gulf Shores.