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Mavericks Sunglasses in Black Frame with Dark Savannah Polarized Lens by Red's Outfitters
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The idea of Red's was created when two roommates wanted stylish, high quality sunglasses in colors that represented their lifestyle. Whether it was a childhood beach destination or their alma mater, they wanted colors that compliment their loyalties. From there, an idea was born to create sunglasses in classic styles they loved, in colors nobody else had. The guys had family in the fashion business, so they decided to see what it would take to make their own shades. When they weren’t on trips or working away in the office the two started formalizing their vision. They connected with a friend who is a visual artist and designer and they started putting together ideas, designs, and contacting suppliers. The brand went through different cycles, brand names, but the idea stayed the same. Suddenly, the unexpected struck and one of the founders drowned while practicing breath holding exercises for an upcoming spear fishing trip. After this tragedy, his roommate talked to his surviving brother and a best friend about continuing their vision, just what Whitner would've wanted. They decided they would honor their best friend by naming the company after his dog and best friend, Red. Everyone knew Red as the good looking lab with the red collar that was always a step behind his owner, but it is what he represented that we feel we are achieving with our sunglasses. Loyalty, style, and comfort - the three pillars that encompass what man's best friend is all about, and we make our sunglasses with those values in mind. A portion of all our profits go to a foundation started in honor of our lost loved one called Shallow Water Blackout Prevention. Thank you for your support and enjoy the #REDSLIFE.