The Mallard

A Southern gentleman and New York prep meet at boarding school…. It sounds like the start of a joke but - in this case - it was the beginning of a great partnership. After two years of friendship and a year as roommates, trading stories and comparing notes about the latest companies offering contemporary prep wear, we grew frustrated by the lack of authentic options in the marketplace. We knew we could do a better job of designing top quality, smartly designed and fun to wear clothing for today's prep culture. Thus, The Mallard was born.

Currently attending prep school, we (Wyatt and Griffin) have a pretty good idea of what it means to be preppy. Through our years on campus, we have seen some great and some less-than-great attempts at embracing what it means to be a prep. Of course, being a prep isn't just about clothing - but clothing is the outward expression of it all, so it must be done properly. Our philosophy is simple:  Men don't need lots of options; they just need good ones. The simple designs and style of The Mallard ensure that no one needs to worry if what they’re buying is stylish or of top quality; all they need to do is make their choice and pick the right size.

The Mallard products must meet the rigors of long, durable wear and timeless style. Whether running to class or lacrosse practice, enjoying a bike ride on 30A or a summer's afternoon in the Hamptons, we wear our lifestyles effortlessly. Now, you can too.

We have carefully designed a small collection of men's preppy accessories and have now begun to expand to include shirts, pants, ties and more (coming spring of 2015). There is nothing trendy about being preppy, so The Mallard has no desire to mass market, much less mass produce products. Our timeless designs will be hand stitched, individually inspected and shipped and packaged in a manner respectful of the quality contained in the products and the care in their design and production.

Embrace the love of quality and tradition that never goes out of style. Share our passion to wear the right preppy options, embrace the style, and stay preppy!

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