Trask: Premium American Bison Footwear & Accessories for Men and Women

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Jackson Toiletry Kit in Red and Black Italian Wool by Trask
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Gather ‘round, little preplings, for it is story time at Country Club Prep. You all comfy? Great. Once upon a time, a well-oiled hide of bison leather from Montana met a preppy shoe design from Atlanta and they fell in love. In lieu of babies, they generated H.S. Trask. This may be a fairy tale, but Trask leather wearables are very much the real deal. Each garment and accessory is made from sustainably-sourced rubber and hand-picked leathers of steer, bison, elk, calf and sheep.

 Trask shoes are durable and stylish, testifying to the brand’s values. Some of their men’s leather loafers even come complete with contrasting rawhide side lacing, which spins a yarn about boat shoes meeting the Wild West. Their women’s leather shoes range from simple to ornate, and from heels to flats. Linings are cushioned with the likes of sheepskin (ahhh…) and memory foam, in order to ensure your supreme comfort. Walk a mile in their shoes, and you will know that Trask boots actually were made for walking.

 Trask makes extraordinary totes that are fitted with antiqued brass hardware and rivet reinforcements. Their messenger bags are large enough to fit everything you need for your day, and durable enough to be trusted with your laptop. Their Italian leather card wallets are designed for the man too classy to lug several million rewards cards with him at all times. (While much of Trask’s leather is American, sometimes even the most patriotic of preps must indulge in tooled Italian steer leather, because #swag.) The brand has created their own proprietary oil blend, so you can keep your Trasks in tip-top shape. Buffalo Butter is specially formulated to condition and replenish the natural essential oils found in all of H.S. Trask’s leather, even their super fine suede and nubuck.

 We at Country Club Prep can’t imagine anything more American than finely handcrafted leather goods. That’s why we’re so delighted to carry H.S. Trask, the quintessence of American innovation and versatility.