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    noun | prep·re·sen·ta·tive | preprəˈzen(t)ədiv/
    One of Country Club Prep’s prestigious campus ambassadors, passionate about all things preppy; commonly found on the golf course, extravagant yachting excursions, and decked out in madras at the Kentucky Derby. A word that we just made up.


    • A: Great question, Kyle! Your name is Kyle, right? No matter. You’re Kyle for today. In any event, a Prepresentative, much like the Old French root word representatif suggests, represents Country Club Prep. Prepresentatives are mover and shakers – influencers – at their schools, and they use their influence for the good of all prep-kind. In plain terms, Prepresentatives spread the word about Country Club Prep, hosting events, giving away promotional items and apparel, and generally living the preppy lifestyle.

    • A: Are you a college student? If so, great! you passed the first test. Barely. There are more tests to come, but we’ll save that for later. There’s an application link towards the top of this page.

    • A: Ah, the all-important question: what’s in it for me? Well, if you’re selected as a Prepresentative, you’ll receive exclusive discounts, products, marketing experience, access to invitation-only events, and insider scoops on upcoming brands. You’ll also join a program that basically pays you in preppy merchandise for living your life.

    • A: You sure are, Kyle. We’re beginning to wonder if you’re the best fit… To answer your question, though, Prepresentatives host and promote events on behalf of Country Club Prep. Frequently, these events are as simple as rocking a table at your school activities fair and/or giving away can holders and flags at a football tailgate. In a nutshell, Prepresentatives do whatever makes the most sense to reach likeminded people in their communities. Capiche?

    • A: You already asked this, Kyle. Please pay attention. Please click the link above and fill out a quick application, and we’ll get back to you via email if you’ve been selected to join the Prepresentative team. Thanks for your interest, and good luck!