The College Life Series - Summer Struggle

In college, we learn what is waiting for us in the real world. It’s our last opportunity to explore the world before settling down.

Summer, that saucy mistress, awaits us between each of our glorious collegiate years.  While school is in session, it seems we all focus so much on our studies that we're left with minimal time to make money or save for the future (yet another reason why a trust fund is ideal, but I digress).  Summer is the college student’s opportunity to make enough money to enjoy the benefits of student life during the year - we call this the summer struggle.  

This post is dedicated to you students working 50-hour weeks this summer!  As you stash away your cash so you don't be scamming Ramen noodles off your friends by September, set a little bit aside for these great summer pieces.

Headlining the selection, take a look at the BYOB Leather Tip Belt by Knot Belt Company.  This belt screams party animal and classy all at the same time (so THAT'S where my tuition money went...).  If you're not sure what to drink for the night, this belt will surely help you decide.

Next is the Cocktail Conversation Shirt by Southern Proper.  This breathable cotton shirt says, "I had a long week at work, and I need to double-fist!"  The shirt's perfect for relaxing on the boat this summer or chilling at your favorite patio bar with friends.

And for the ladies, we have The South Tee by Lauren James.  This tee defines a Southern Bell, featuring reminders of your favorite summer activities; drinking bourbon, showing off at horse races, and being chased by boys in bow ties!

Here's to the summer struggle. Prep on!

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