The College Life Series - Gobi Straps

This past weekend I ran into a huge issue while on the lake with a few buddies and girls.  The girls brought bottled beer and no bottle opener.  Of course, the guys brought cans so we didn't have to worry about a bottle opener.  I ended up smashing the bottle tops off on the metal railing, risking damaging the rental boat, but ultimately just looking like a complete meathead.  Girls: not impressed.

Too late to save my weekend, we've found a preppy solution to your roving bottle-opening needs in the new Gobi Straps!  These fine polyester sunglass straps feature a steel bottle opener for the stylish and smart prepsters.  They also come in a array of designs, including American Flag, Seersucker, Tie Die, Camo and many more.  Shop your school colors and many more Gobi Strap designs here!  


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