Uncle Digby: Rules For A Sockless Summer

It's said that it was at UNC Chapel Hill in the 1950s that the first young man bared his ankles, wearing penny loafers with no socks. 

Though the origin may be apocryphal, the fact remains that going sockless is practically synonymous with prepdom. As a character says in the 1984 classic of prep cinema "Making The Grade," "Wear socks only to a wedding, and only if it's your own." 

But in prep tradition not just any shoe fits the sockless option. Here are the acceptable choices:

Belgian shoe
Velvet slipper with your monogram, school crest, etc. 

What do you notice about these shoes? Well some are dress shoes with leather soles, and some have laces, but none have both. Over the past few years you've probably seen a lot of guys in wearing wingtips without socks, but not us. 
Finally, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a summery sportcoat such as seersucker, madras, or a navy blazer with leather-soled shoes and no socks. But if you're going to wear a necktie, you probably want to wear socks as well. 
Unless you're the 1965 Yale student in the picture above. 'Cuz if you're that cool, you can get away with anything. 


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    Wahoowah81: July 15, 2015

    Unclue Digby, thanks for the advice!

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