The Weekend Prep: Dynamite Hack Goes Preppy

Dynamite Hack: Boyz in the Hood

A non-exhaustive list of what makes this video great:
  1. Cable knit sweaters. So many sweaters.
  2. Madras pants.
  3. Unplugged instruments? No problem.
  4. Hummer golf carts.
  5. Dollar sign ice sculpture.
  6. Suggestion of preppy dog fighting.
  7. Credit card betting on croquet game.
  8. Mercedes on jacks in the front yard.
  9. Blurred Lacoste logos.
  10. DJ Rib Grilla.
  11. Golf flag in the middle of a fairway for some reason.
  12. Single-leg rolled linen pants.
  13. Did they use the entire cast of extras from Clueless?
  14. Boxwood giraffes.

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