Get Your Kid to Wear a Bow Tie to School and Actually Enjoy It

Recently a major retailer known for its rock-bottom prices launched a new ad campaign on TV. It features a little boy dropped off for the first day of school by his mom, who's dressed him in a bow tie, buttondown, suit and loafers.  

But the kid takes one look at his casual classmates and demands to be taken to the major retailer and get into some fun, cool clothes. 

Well the way we see it, there's no reason kids can't wear bow ties and still have fun running around at recess. 

We're referring, of course, to South Sail's long-sleeve navy pocket tee, which comes with seersucker trim and a stack of bow ties running down the back. 

One of the great things about prep style is that there's an item for every occasion. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we unveil our back-to-school items for students of any age. 

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