The Weekend Prep: Wayfarers & Cadillacs

Few artists conjure memories of that one summer love that got away like Don Henley can. Amidst the isolating imagery (Empty Lake, empty Streets / The sun goes down alone), Henley paints a musical portrait of a man who hasn't yet (or possibly won't) accept that is flame has moved on.

Not only does his ex appear to be an idealized version of a real person (Your brown skin shinin' in the sun / You got that top pulled down and the radio on), he or she also sounds UBER-PREPPY (You got your hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby). Heck, we're ready to win him or her back, and we haven't even met!

So throw on your wayfarers, roll down your windows, and let the Boys of Summer take you into the weekend.
For those in Georgia be sure to see Don Henley at the Cobb Energy Centre October 17th, 2015. 

Click here for information.

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