How To Dress Like A Preppy Villain, PCU Edition

In case you haven't heard, political correctness is back with a vengeance, which means it's now completely normal to hear people say, "I'm not judgmental, but that's just wrong." Wrong, in this case, is anything you can do or say that can in any way be (mis)interpreted as offensive to anyone — which is pretty much anything you could ever do or say. 

Last week "South Park" launched its 19th season with a hilarious episode devoted to the return of PC. "How long did PC last the first time around in the '90s, one of the characters asks." About six years is the answer, which means we've got 5.9 more years to go. And so "South Park" provides us with the perfect springboard to revisit our How To Dress Like A Preppy Villain series, as we take a look at "PCU," the 1994 collegiate comedy that satirizes the first PC go-round. 

Starring Jeremy Piven, David Spade and Jon Favreau, "PCU" is set at fictitious Port Chester University College and is a mosh-pit of special-interest groups. Spade plays Rand McPherson, leader of the preppy-jerk clan, and his alpha status is symbolized by one small sartorial distinction. While all the members of Rand's "Balls And Shaft" club wear khakis, blazers, button-downs and ties, Rand sets himself apart with his choice of necktie. No rep stripes for him, instead Rand goes for emblematic ties — you know, the kind with repeated motifs of crests and sailing ships and stuff like that. It doesn't matter what the object is (it's pretty hard to tell exactly), the point is that the motif symbolizes membership, ownership, dictatorship — basically any kind of ship. 

So if you're ready to amp-up your preppy-villain vibe, we've got just what you need. 

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    Alex: October 26, 2015

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