How To Dress Like A Preppy Villain: Wet Hot Edition

Recently Netflix debuted the original series "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp." Set in 1981, the eight episodes serve as a prequel to the 2001 cult comedy flick. 

The show revives the great '80s archetype known as the preppy villain. Here he's played by Josh Charles, who gets the chance to show his acting range. Well, sort of:  you'll know him from "Dead Poets Society" in which he also plays a preppy, but a sensitive one instead of a jerk. 

Charles also stars in this, the first in a new series of blog posts on how to dress like a  preppy villain from cinema and television. It's practical advice, given that nice guys finish last and all.

The sartorial lesson here is a simple one: wear multiple polo shirts at one time, collars popped. Fortunately, we've got multiple polo shirts. 

The look will make for a wet, hot summer — right in your armpits. 

Cotton Brothers Polo Shirt in White

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