A Celebrity Guide to Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals

A Celebrity Guide to Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals
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Jack Rogers Sandals

When it comes to celebrity footwear on the red carpet, you know the usual suspects: Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik. Much like the dresses with which they're paired, these shoes are designed to grab attention, exude elegance, and generally be as uncomfortable as possible. The last bit might explain why you never see these particular styles outside of the award show circuit. So what are these stylish celebs wearing when they aren't feigning happiness for the other nominees in their award categories? Turns out, they're wearing Jack Rogers!

Jackie Kennedy Jack Rogers

Not so Humble Beginnings

Jackie Kennedy's love affair with her Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals is the stuff of legend, which goes to show that Jack Rogers's roots in celebrity culture run quite deep. As the story goes, the glamorous First Lady spied a pair of flat leather sandals in Capri, and those sandals became a fixture in her vacation wardrobe. More than that, though, that particular pair of sandals birthed an entirely new brand upon Jackie's return to the States: Jack Rogers. According to the brand, Jackie took her leather sandals to a local cobbler in Palm Beach and asked for several additional pairs to give to family and friends (with a few back-ups for herself), and Jack Rogers was in business!

In the picture above, it's amazing to note how true Jack Rogers has stayed to the Navajo Sandal's original design. The iconic whip-stitching and signature rondelles are clearly visible, and they're just as stylish today as they were in the 1960s. Perhaps owing to Jackie's powerful influence on fashion and pop culture, and certainly owing to the style and craftsmanship that Jack Rogers brings to bear on each of its designs, the brand remains a staple with celebrities and non-celebs alike, so let's explore some of the more famous aficionados!

Reese Witherspoon Jack Rogers

Reese Witherspoon Loves Her Jacks

Not content to live the life of an Academy Award winner and Hollywood royalty, Reese Witherspoon has opened her very successful clothing line, Draper James. Draper James draws from the Southern influences that seem to creep into many of Reese's silver screen characters, so it's not surprise that she shows such a passon for Jack Rogers! In fact, she collaborated with Jack Rogers on a custom Navajo Sandal of her very own.

In the pics above, you can see that Reese gets a lot of mileage out of the classics. The Palm Beach Navajo Sandal in White goes with just about everything in her Summer wardrobe, and the Hamptons Navajo Sandal in Silver (or is that platinum?) is about as ubiquitous as they come!

Selma Blair Jack Rogers

Selma Blair in Navajo Sandals

Not to be outdone by her Legally Blonde co-star Reese (or perhaps on her recommendation), Selma Blair rocks her Navajo Sandals with a baby bump! It says quite a lot that a person of significant means, like Selma, would choose to wear a leather sandal in the summer, when pregnant. If that isn't an endorsement of how comfortable your jacks can be, then we don't know what is!

It may be a bit hard to tell in the photo, but it looks like Selma chose the perennially best-selling Napa Valley Navajo Sandal in Cork & Gold. The whip-stitching provides a beautiful contrast to the cork upper, which is both durable and extremely soft.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Jack Rogers

Sarah Michelle Gellar Hits the Road in Platinum

(image credit The Appliance Judge)

Wait a second. We're seeing a common thread, here. Sarah Michelle Gellar was in Cruel Intentions with Selma Blair, who in turn was in Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon. Is this some sort of cabal for preppy footwear? If so, how do we sign up?

Funny enough, this is the second celeb we've found in full-on mom mode, rocking her Navajo Sandals out on the town. Does she look comfortable? She does. Do her Jacks look amazing? You know they do!

The Skinny

The fact is that all of the celebs we've caught in their Jacks have distinct styles, from New England Preppy to Southern Charming, to West Coast Bohemian. Turns out, Jacks look fantastic with each distinct style. The only remaining question, then, is which Jacks should you choose for your look? 

As you've seen above, the classic Navajo sandal is a favorite in fashion circles around the world, and at a modest $118, it's an accessible price point for a shoe you'll wear all Summer long. You can find it in classics like black, white, silver, platinum, and gold all year-round. In season, keep your eyes peeled for fashion pop colors like pink and turquoise, and don't be afraid to try a bit of embroidery!

That said, Jack Rogers is not JUST the Navajo Sandal. Here are a few of our favorites for Spring 2019!

Jack Rogers Spring 2019

The Flynn Slide took everyone by surprise at Spring market. Not only is it adorable (and available in a number of colors), but it's also amazingly comfortable. It's become our go-to throw-in-the-bag for vacation and walking around town slip-on. We give it five enthusiastic stars!

The Lauren Sandal is a staple of the Jack Rogers Summer line. Taking its inspiration from the original Navajo Sandal, the Lauren eschews the Navajo's toe post in favor of a leather band across the front foot, featuring even more rondelles than the Navajo!

Like the Lauren, the Georgica Sandal is a fixture of the Jack Rogers collection. If possible, the single upper and large rondelle present an even more "resorty" look than the classic Navajo, and it's a nice bit of variety for the lady with more than one pair of Jacks to her name.

What is there to say about the Shelby Wedge that hasn't already been said about Bermuda? It's gorgeous, it's classic, and it's perfect for a good time!

The Lauren Mid-Heel is new to the collection for 2019, and it's arrived to rave reviews. Reminiscent of its namesake, the Lauren Sandal, the Mid-Heel version is elevated in both height and style, ideal for your next Summer wedding!

Last, but not least, the Palmer Espadrille Wedge is as closed-toe as Jack Rogers is willing to go in the Summer. Even though we hate to admit it, sometimes sandals are not the answer! For those days, when you still want to wear your Jacks, the Palmer is the perfect balance between beach resort chic and buttoned-up.

Thanks for reading, and now you know - celebrities are just like us! If you saw a style you'd like to explore today, just click the button below to see our curated collection of Jack Rogers sandals and wedges.

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  • Author image
    kimberly Banister: July 27, 2020

    I discovered Jack Roger’s 2 years ago.
    I now own 15 pairs of these beautiful
    Sandals. Also knowing that
    Jackie Kennedy wore them, makes
    It all the better to wear them.
    The sandals are so elegant to wear.

    Kimberly Banister

  • Author image
    Phyllis Whetstone: July 03, 2020

    I can’t live without my Jacks. I have them in all colors to match my Lilly Pulitzer and coastal print dresses. They are the only sandals for me.

  • Author image
    barbie: March 26, 2019

    my mother,sister, aunt, daughter,granddaughter and me love them. we all had them on in hilton head S.C. on 4TH of July parade and fire works. we got a lot of great comments.


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