The Top Ten Preppiest Dogs

The Top Ten Preppiest Dogs
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We all know that there are many commonalities in the way preppy individuals live- from clothing, to vacationing, to home styles, and even pets. Since dogs are man’s best friends, it is no surprise that preppies have their preferred breeds to have by their sides. And in the preppy world, bigger dogs take the cake. Here are the rankings for the top ten preppiest dogs in America. From the Southern States to New England, we have what you need to know about the most preppy pups. Keep reading to find out if your current pooch or dream dog reflects your preppy persona!


1. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever ranks as the third most popular dog in America. It is virtually one of the most common breeds in each state, too. This is no surprise given their loving nature - towards owners, strangers, water, cats, and all else. And for the prepsters: Goldens happen to look picture perfect on your boat or scampering around with a bow tie on.

2. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is THE most popular dog in America, and has been for the last 25 years. You will find them in every state. Whether helping out on a hunting or fishing expedition, or just lounging in your home, these lovable retrievers thrive anywhere. Their classic face is so popular it is featured on many preppy clothing items, like Southern Proper’s tee shirts.


3. English and Irish Setters

These dogs are some of the best gun dogs out there, and therefore highly intelligent and active. Not only are they smart, but they are incredibly elegant, and were historically owned by wealthy and even royal families. These silky-coated pups are as tough as they are pretty, making them the perfect addition to a preppy household. These are the Ralph Lauren of preppy dogs, if you will.

4. Beagle

Beagles are one of the smallest breeds that are still considered preppy to some. These hound family companions are very popular in Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.  Originally a scent hound, beagles were primarily hunting dogs, but have found their way into household life by their amicable and gentle nature.


5. French Bulldogs

Fittingly popular in the state of Georgia is the Frenchie! French bulldogs, along with the occasion pug, are the go-to for prepsters looking for a small pet. While it may be tempting to outfit smaller dogs like those Chihuahuas you see in purses, true preppies know that is never an option - only a needlepoint collar and occasional bow tie are permissible. And could resist those ears?!


6. Bernese Mountain Dog

These guarding farmland dogs are big friendly giants, usually weighing in close to 100 pounds. With a dog this big, their lifespan is unfortunately one of the shortest of all dog breeds, at around only seven years. However, Bernese Mountain dogs remain a popular choice by preppies because of their affectionate nature and beautiful, thick coat.

7. English Springer Spaniel

This type of Spaniel is another great gun dog due to their highly alert and cheerful disposition. These beauties have a long, feathered coat that you may notice on their ears. With a slim body and a lot of fringe, English Springer Spaniels are a good-looking bunch. They are also great retrievers and love to play a game of fetch.


8. Great Pyrenees

Another gentle giant, the Great Pyrenees is a guarding and protective breed, one that makes a very loyal pet. They are powerful, confident, and strong-willed. Known for their typical thick, white coats, these dogs are like looking at a snowy lion in the mountains… in a cute way. This companion makes a bold statement and is a great addition to the prepster’s life.

9. Labradoodle

Labradoodles are the product of the mating of a Labrador Retriever and a Standard, Medium, or Miniature Poodle. Most preppies opt for the larger size of this breed, though. If you’re looking for a preppy dog that is also hypoallergenic, these are your best bet. With their cute curls, and similar nature to Labradors, it is no wonder these dogs became incredibly popular in 2010.

10. Newfoundland

A breed similar in size to the Bernese Mountain dog, this working dog was the chosen companion of fishermen in Canada before becoming an American favorite. "Newfies" are big but can be shy. They are good-natured and independent as well. If you want a lot of dog to love, this is your guy!

There's no wrong choice when picking the perfect companion or addition to your family, but if you're looking to take your preppiness up a notch with a specific breed of dog, we hope this helped! And if you are a proud owner of one of these fine dogs, let us know in the comments and share with your friends! Don't forget to like this post and our Facebook if you enjoyed this post, too.

- Sarah, CCP Intern ( also proud Golden Retriever and Labrador owner)


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