The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide
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The most common questions asked around Father’s Day are: what would Dad want, what does Dad not have, and what kind of Dad is he? Well, here at Country Club Prep, we have the perfect gifts for all types of Dads! We make shopping and celebrating your father a one-stop shop.


Our old fashioned dad loves a well made cocktail, is a horse race fan, and a BIG seersucker man. This dad is traditional with a twist. For this dad we’ve created the ultimate dad look. We’ve chosen a ‘Harbor Pant’ by Castaway Clothing. This is an update of the traditional khaki pants embroidered with delicious cocktails. The next item we’ve chosen is a pair old school Sperry topsiders which are perfect for literally any outfit, making it easy for our dad to be stylish everywhere he goes -- from the boat to the pool. Finally, we chose a classic seersucker blazer by Southern Tide, because every old fashioned dad needs seersucker for days!


Our Party-On Dad is a huge sports fan and loves a great tailgate/barbeque. He fondly remembers his glory days in his fraternity (and some of the patches in the frat house walls likely remember him!). He encourages young men to go Greek and offers a recommendation from his beloved house. Our dad is laid back and tends to wear a t-shirt and khaki shorts, and often an old school madras print for going out. Our first choice for this dad is an embroidered belt by Smathers & Branson called ‘College’ and is 100% hand stitched needlepoint. This belt reminds Dad of his college days as well as the inspirational film, Animal House. The next item is a ‘Kappa Sig Flask,’ also by Smathers & Branson for all of dad’s tailgates and college football games. This flask adds a little prep to all gatherings. (These are also made for other Fraternities).  Finally, we chose a pair of madras pants for a flashback into old style preppy. These are great for more formal events and can be matched with almost every color button down.



We all have someone who is impossible to buy for, either because they have everything or they buy themselves the gift before you even have the chance. So how do you overcome this?  Luckily for us, Father’s Day falls in the summer, which means warm weather! We chose three dad-approved must-haves for the summer. The first is a new pair of sunglasses because it’s time to upgrade Dad’s sunglass game. Next we suggest a pair of ‘Dockside Swim Trunks’ by Southern Marsh, for summer days at the pool, a quick lake trip, or the annual beach trip with all 1,000 of your cousins. To top off this summer themed look, we have the ‘Patron’ t-shirt which goes great with everything (and reminds dad of that one glorious trip to The Masters). With this type of dad, the best rule of thumb is to think of things Dad wouldn’t buy for himself.



We’ve  all heard the term ‘Golf Widow,’ and if you haven’t it basically means you’ve lost your husband to golf. We all know a dad whose pride and joy is a good (or bad) game of golf.  Your dad has been in golf heaven recently with the Masters and the PGA tournaments virtually back to back, so he should get gifts that make him feel like Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka on the course (or at least the occasionally competitive Phil). We have three fantastic picks for Golf Dad. To start, we have a golf club cover by Smathers & Branson featuring our Longshanks the Fox madras logo. This cover is 100% hand-stitched needlepoint and surrounded by premium leather. The next must-have is a golf hat by Southern Tide, which goes perfectly with an Augusta performance polo shirt by State Traditions.. These gifts will make Dad swing like a champion and look good doing it!



We all know that one dad who gets a little too excited when it comes to a family beach trip. Whether or not you have a favorite family beach, this dad will do anything to take a trip and be able to wear his favorite beach gear. For this dad we recommend all of the beach essentials. The first item is a Reyn Spooner Island Time Performance shirt by Southern Tide. This shirt is an update of classic Hawaiian shirts and adds a touch of prep and style for everyday beach wear. Nothing tops sipping a crispy boy at the beach. We’ve got the perfect cooler for this: white 45 YETI cooler. Not only does the YETI keep drinks cold, it’s perfect for fishing and can be used as a seat! Finally, for the ultimate preppy beach dad, a fresh new bathing suit by Southern Proper. This suit is a great price and perfect to make dad more stylish!



Some of you may be wondering, what is a Middle Class Fancy Dad? Well this dad comes from the Instagram satire page @middleclassfancy and is a riff on typical dads and dad jokes. This dad may need the most help in upping his style. The first item we recommend is an Original Grain Whiskey Barrel watch by Original Grain to upgrade his watch game. It’s very stylish & classic and goes with everything this dad has. Next we have a handsome woven leather belt by Bucks Club. This belt looks great with everything and is adjustable, so it’s always the right size. To top off the whole gift, we have a blue, teal and pink button down by Collard Greens. This shirt goes great with a new belt, a new watch, and some spiffy New Balances your dad will be rocking!



Is your dad the type of man whose lawn or garden are the envy of the ‘hood? This dad  always brags about his garden, pinches other peoples plants to grow in his yard, or takes off work to work in his garden? If this describes your dad, then we have great options for you!  The first is a hat by Fripp Outdoors. Fripp is known for making the ultimate outdoor gear, and with this hat you can protect dad from getting too much sun while planting his new summer garden. Next we have Angler Shorts by Coast; these performance shorts are durable, look and feel great and are perfect for outdoor work, fishing, or for just looking great. The Angler Shorts are also stylish and go great with any t-shirt or golf shirt. Finally, the Botanical Green jacket by The North Face is the perfect jacket for Garden Dad. This jacket is the perfect weight and shields dad while working in the yard -- or digging up plants!



Does your dad reminisce about the good old days when he was the star quarterback and had a high school sweetheart who’s now your mom? Did he coach your little league team and support you all the way to the state finals? Well this is what we classify as the High School Glory Days Dad. We know will rock these suggestions. This dad needs a great visor; we’ve chosen one from Southern Tide. This look is stylish and preppy and is perfect for the tennis court field to keep the sun out of dad's eyes. Since Dad played football, we recommend a key fob by Smathers & Branson, which is 100% hand-stitched needlepoint. This key fob will make dad’s keys easy to distinguish from other dad's boring ones. Finally to complete the look, we recommend our own Country Club Prep vest. This vest pairs well with everything dad has and looks perfect on the football sidelines!



Whether it’s working on your car engine or a fixing a loose doorknob, we all know that one dad who can fix anything. This dad has all of the tools for any situation and his toolbox is always ready just in case something needs to be fixed. For this dad, we have 3 perfect items he can add to his everyday use. The first a YETI Rambler cup with a Hotshot cap so Dad can show everyone how much of a hotshot he is. Next we have a “Tools of the Trade” shirt by Over and Under Clothing. This shirt adds a dash of prep to his everyday look. Finally we have coral crab sunglass straps by Smathers & Branson. These are 100% hand stitched needlepoint and are perfect for holding onto Dad's sunglasses while he’s working on your car.



Now we aren't calling this dad a drinker but he sure knows his way around a well made cocktail. Whether it’s craft beer, Kentucky bourbon, or a Dark & Stormy, this dad appreciates a tailgate and has a tasty beverage in hand. We recommend a needlepoint monogrammed flask by Smathers & Branson. This flask hold roughly 6 ounces of dad’s favorite liquid. It’s 100% hand stitched needlepoint and is the perfect size to fit in a pant or coat pocket. To complement this, we added the Harbor Pant by Castaway Clothing. These snappy blue pants are embroidered with beer mugs and add a funny note  to any and all drinking occasions. To keep dad’s beverages chill like him we suggest the Sling Cooler by The Southern Shirt Co. This cooler holds at least 6 beers and comes in a great assortment of styles and colors! 

So, which dad is your dad? No matter which dad he is, we have great gift suggestions for him! Check out the rest of the Country Club Prep website and find something perfect for your dad!

Father's Day Gifts


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