How to Beat the Heat (and Still Look Sweet!) This Summer

A Preppy Summer Style Guide

As the temperatures rise higher and higher, we understand how difficult it can be to find clothes that perfectly intersect between maximum style and minimum sweat. Warm weather brings about weirdly specific challenges that everyone faces – such as constantly losing your sunglasses, or bringing your entire makeup bag with you wherever you go, because you’ll most likely sweat it all off before sunset. No shame in these challenges, we all get it, and we want to help.

We get it, you don’t want to sacrifice appearance just to survive the heat. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but you should never have to choose between comfort and class. We’re here to help ensure that isn’t the case. Trust us, we don’t want you sweltering in the heat any more than you do. Think of us as a sweaty fairy godmother. Don’t think about it too much though, that might be scarring. Here, we’ll distract you! Quick, look at the pretty fabrics!


The first of our recommendations is that ever so comfy fabric, linen. This light, breathable material is crucial to a celebration without perspiration. Linen is hard to sweat through (but not impossible, so we wouldn’t recommend getting too wild in 101° weather).

If you already have your nose turned up, we reckon it’s for one of two reasons. You’ve seen this…um… “alternative styling” of linen:

 Or, you’ve seen the linen featured frequently on retired women who live in Palm Beach in what seems like thousands of capri forms:

But we are here to tell you that there is SO much more to linen than our old friend Beatrice’s closet! So, we’d like to stretch your imagination a bit on that front.

For our ladies, check out the Emery Linen Button Down Shirt by Southern Tide. Its breathable fabric is perfect for a breezy evening by the water with your favorite white shorts or skirt. Or, you could always unbutton it and wear it over your favorite bathing suit at the beach, pool or lake. Versatility is always an added bonus in a product, and this shirt can offer you that.

If it’s too hot to even fathom long sleeves, have no fear, we have an equally fashionable alternative. Go for the fun and flirty Can Can Dress by Show Me Your Mumu. The off-the-shoulder neckline gives your back and shoulders a little more room to breathe, and the ruffles are wonderfully placed to cover any disparaging perspiration marks under your arms.

Gentlemen, for you we turn to our old friend, Johnnie-O. Specifically, his Slater Double Faced Cotton Linen Shorts. Featured in Malibu Red and Marlin, these shorts are going to become a summer staple for you before you know it. Be it a stroll down the beach, boardwalk, or fairway, these shorts are durable and stylish, not to mention free of any weird sweat marks when you’ve been sitting for too long… yeah, you know the ones.


You just bought the coolest new pair of wedges and can’t wait to break them out on your beach vacation. You know what? We completely support you in that. The only issue is understanding time and place for your adorable new shoe game. Because do you know what happens when you don’t read the group itinerary the day you wear your wedges and you end up strolling five miles around historic Charleston?

So your favorite podiatrist, Dr. Country Club Prep, is here with a public shoe announcement: save those Shelby Wedges and Palmer Espadrilles for a day they can truly be adored for the stunners they are. Not to mention, heat tends to make our feet swell a good bit, so just because they feel like you could run a marathon in them in the comfortable air conditioning of your own home does not mean they are the right pick for today. Here’s what we recommend to make your feet a priority when you want to avoid sweaty toes and icky blisters.

Ladies, we know you’re going to be the more difficult sell here, so we’ll start with you. It’s crucial to make sure those toes can breathe this summer, which leads us to these beauties. For a walk on the beach, your safest, comfiest bet would be the Troy Sandal by The Mallard. Simple, sweet and built to last, these are shoes you’ll own the rest of your life. Handmade in Greece, they were created for sweltering days in the sun and will turn a bead of sweat into a goddess-like glow.

As for your night out on the town, or a slower day in terms of miles per hour by foot, treat your feet and throw on the Cooper Wedge by Charleston Shoe Co. It’s a steady heel with elastic straps to ensure security and leave you blister-free. The shoe has an insole that feels like walking on down pillows, so you’re sure to feel comfortable no matter how many rugs you cut.

Oh, and gents, we’ll keep it short and simple: we want you to flip. Then flop. We said a flip, flop, the flippie the flippie to the flip flip flop and you don’t stop – ooh, got carried away there for a second, excuse us.

In all seriousness, flip flops are your best move the second that temperature gage hits 85 and keeps on climbing. Weather you choose to show your school pride, find a pattern that matches your wardrobe, or something completely different, Smathers & Branson Flip Flops are your best bet.


While we wish this applies to men as well, this tip is geared more towards our ladies. It’s a simple one, but one we feel the need to state, just in case. We suggest avoiding sleeves as often as possible. Arms are unpredictable, and you can condensate in some weird places. Stray away from these issues with a minimal strap, as seen on the Carlotta Mini Dress by Show Me Your Mumu.

Too much of a good thing does exist in the case of strap or no strap. Going completely strapless is known to cause its own set of issues. Say you’re at a darty and challenged to a game of botchi ball. What are you supposed to do, just say no? Of course not, but if you say yes, you run the risk of an immensely unfortunate wardrobe mishap. But, say you were wearing the Whisper Light Sweet Heart Dress by French Connection? You’d be safe to botchi your heart out! Stay safe and stick with our recommendations on this one.



Okay boys, c’mon back in. It’s the tip you’ve all been waiting for, the tip you’d get tattooed on your chest if it suddenly became socially acceptable. We know you love it, so we want to help you follow through.

The shorter the short, the less sweat you have to worry about. If you’re new to the short-short game, the Club Short by Southern Proper is a great place to start. They have a 7” inseam and come in a pastel blue, perfect for most clothes in your summer wardrobe.

If you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to bare thighs, we vote these showstoppers. These Snappers Shorts by Vintage 1946 come in at a 5 ½” inseam and are offered in an orange bright enough to match your sunburn. The waist is elastic, so no need to worry about strapping on a belt with these bad boys.


If you know it’s going to be a long day outside, you can’t go wrong with some moisture wicking fabric. The Alabama Drytec Trevor Stripe Polo by Cutter & Buck is perfect for those back-deck brunches that last until 9 p.m. Made with ultra-lightweight, drytec wicking material, this shirt is a solid bet for fighting sweat.

For a formal night, toss this guy on. Just kidding, he’s definitely a daytime dud. Still, don’t resist the power when preppy and patriotism merge to become one! Grab the Darty In the USA Button Down by the Southern Shirt Co. for a cooler kind of afternoon. Made with a polyester and spandex blend, it will keep you cool – physically and socially.


Summer weather is like a backyard game of croquet: 80% enjoyable, 20% miserable, 100% unpredictable. You never know when you might need a light sleeve or a rain coat in the middle of July, and it’s not worth the gamble. Keep that weather app on your home screen, set an alarm every morning to remind yourself to check it, whatever it takes to make sure you’re properly prepared for your summer day!


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