What Your Favorite Cocktail Really Says About You

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Ever wondered what your drink of choice says about you? Or what your preppy persona says you look like you drink? Well wonder no further! Here is your comprehensive list of you as a cocktail!

The Cosmopolitan

This drink carries sophistication and sex appeal. The glamorous cosmopolitan is none other than the NYC Socialite Prepster. The girl who idolizes Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and being a shopaholic on 5th Avenue. She wants to appear sophisticated and powerful, but not uptight. Fun, but not a trashy partier. Not the type to apologize for having expensive taste, this girl just knows what she likes. Nothing screams her more than walking straight up to the bartender and declaring that she’ll be having a cosmo. 

Old Fashioned

True to its name, the Old Fashioned is one of the most classic cocktails, and one of the first. Bitter, booze, ice, and sugar. Simple, but timeless. This drink is your true Old-fashioned Prepster. Think cable knit sweater, leather loafers, and all the makings of a vintage prep school kid. While some may think this style is tired, this look is tried and true, and will probably never go out of fashion. While sometimes tacky trends will.


Rum and Coke 

If you order a rum and coke at any bar other than a college town one, you may as well be wearing your fraternity letters as a college alum. While a safe bet for someone not accustomed to drinking cocktails, this drink screams Frat Boy. Walk into the pub wearing the croakies around the neck, polo shirt, and colored shorts, and you won’t even have to speak the words “rum and coke”- it will just appear before you. Bonus point for a needlepoint belt or other paraphernalia with Greek letters.  

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The Manhattan is another sophisticated drink that will earn some respect when ordered, but is a very typical faux New Yorker drink. In the preppy world, the NYC Prep is the guy at the bar in the Brooks Brothers button down and Ralph Lauren label suit. He looks all the parts, and drinks the drink, and most certainly has mentioned to nearby patrons that he’s worked on Wall Street before. Maybe he tries too hard, but this guy knows how to look suave and cool. 

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The martini is either the drink for a girl who happens to loves gin or vodka, or for someone who just needs a stiff drink. This is an upgrade from a vodka soda, but still cuts back on calories, and even comes with an olive for a nice snack! Queue the Mom in the Tennis Skirt- she was once the vodka soda girl, but no longer. Now she sits in the higher league of drinking martinis and somehow looking fancy even while sporting athleisure at the country club bar. This drink is the much-deserved treat for being a great mother to her two kids, whom she dresses in bowties and tiny little loafers.

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Ah, the mojito! Fresh, clean, and minty deliciousness. This adult beverage is in all ways your typical Southern Prep. This prepster has most definitely been on vacation in the Caribbean where they decided this would be their drink. Not used to colder temperatures though, they lack any idea that in the winter, mint leaves are not fresh, but continue to order these regularly in the winter months (much to the bartender’s frustration). The Southern Prep means well though, and is always well-mannered and polite. How could you be mad at someone wearing colored pants with such confidence!?

a real college experience spencer grammer rebecca logan jake mcdorman i really hope the dirty joke translates in gifs because really it's a+ greek was the best at dirty jokes greek evan chambers dilshad vadsaria casey cartwright GIF

Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonics are your simple, no drama drink. A classic look, and smooth taste, just like a New England Prep. Ordering one of these is like summering in Nantucket- they just go with being a New Englander! The customer of this cocktail can be found in a polo shirt, white pants, and KJP bracelet. Although at the first site of rain they’ll pull out the Barbour jacket and LL Bean boots to show their dedication to the look. Tasteful and picture-perfect, we love these.

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Long Island Iced Tea

If this drink for one or for five people, we’re not sure- but there’s surely enough alcohol in it for five! Order one of these if you hate the taste of alcohol and want to get drunk in one drink. Basically, if you’re a newly graduated Sorority Girl, coping with how real cocktails taste. Find her in white pants, a bright tank top, and plenty of designer bracelets as she’s trying to phase out all of the sorority t-shirts. 

might i recommend a cappie-cino? spencer grammer pilot greek tv show greek tv greek casey cartwright casey ashleigh howard ashleigh amber stevens GIF 

Moscow Mule

The sweet drink that is an upgrade from a vodka cranberry and even comes in a cute cup! This drink screams the Influencer Prep. You know her, you see her all over Instagram. She is all about the aesthetics, and needs a perfect feed of photos. If you see her taking pictures of her food before she eats, you better bet she’ll want a Moscow mule (IN THE COPPER CUP ONLY), too. She just wants to be the next SJP, and can we blame her?

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No matter what your go-to drink is, have confidence, and own it!

-Sarah, CCP Intern

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