Packing Preppy: The Essentials

Packing Preppy: The Essentials
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It’s summer; you’re off work, and it's finally time to go on vacation to your DREAM destination. There’s only one thing between you and getting on the plane. Packing your suitcase.

The dreaded question: what should you pack? How are you going to fit it all? There are just too many options. Beach wear? Comfy clothes for tourist activities? Formal wear? What if you decide to work out? Let’s be honest; packing can be a little overwhelming at times.

The key is to not panic. Keep scrolling to see our easy-to-pack preppy essentials for warm and cold weather destinations!

You’re packing for the ultimate warm weather vacation and you don’t want to forget these essentials:

Swim Suite (not a typo!)

Honestly, rule #1 when packing for a hot destination: don’t forget a swimsuit!

This Seersucker two piece is ready to be shown off at the beach, lake, or that amazing infinity pool. The pinstripes catch the eye, and say sweet but adventurous. With this in your suitcase you’ll be ready for a day in the sun!

Casual attire

So up next, we want to make sure you pack some casual attire for your trip! This will be the outfit for when you’re just milling around your hotel lobby or Airbnb, out at the market, or following your audio tour through historic district of the city.

Go ahead and grab some fun printed shorts to throw in your suite case! These will be comfortable for walking and exploring the city you’re in but let everyone know that you’re preppy and in style. These shorts will be light and ready for just about any part of your trip

Pair your shorts with a blouse to really top off your outfit. Pictured are Southern Marsh Reef Shorts in coral which easily can go with a Gretchen Scott Designs Blouse. These patterned shorts will compliment any solid top you have and can make a number of outfits for your trip. Mixing and matching will also help you save room in your suitcase!

Formal attire

You’ve been all over today touring sites and visiting the beach and you’ve finally cleaned up for the evening. The sun is setting and a warm breeze is coming in off the coast.

You need a formal dress for this evening.

You open your suitcase and you smile because you packed the perfect dress! This is the dress you’ll wear to your well-deserved seaside dinner. This Southern Tide dress will be your statement piece for the evening. It’s formal enough for a nice white table cloth dinner and you’ll be turning heads before you even sit down.


Now we know you were wondering. What shoes are you going to have room for in your suitcase to go with all these outfits?

These Jack Rogers Sandals should do the trick! Dress them up or dress them down, they are a jack-of-all-trades. They are definitely the shoes for your trip this summer! From touring the town to winding down for a nice dinner these Jack Rogers can accompany you anywhere.

Jack Roger Sandals are comfortable, cute, and most importantly, they are preppy.


Let’s talk about a cold destination now!

Packing for a cold weather getaway can be tricky. The clothes are bulkier and all those layers take up room! With these essentials, the only thing you should worry about is finding your seat on the plane.

Cold Casual attire

The fleece of the century honestly. The True Grit Pullover is cute, it’s warm, and all eyes will be on you! The True Grit Pullover is cute but says you’re ready for an adventure! From hiking up a mountain to a casual night on the town, this piece can be worn for a variety of occasions.

This pullover is easily paired with, you guessed it, a pair of leggings for a nice athleisure look. Leggings are comfortable and can portray an athletic look or a sleek but casual look.

Whether you are wearing them out for a workout or secretly hiding them under a big chunky sweater, ladies, we all know that leggings are always the move.

To really bring your outfit together now, pack a Simply Southern beanie. Cute and toasty! This is the cherry on top of your outfit. It’s not only an added accessory but it will keep you warm while you’re sipping your hot cocoa overlooking the mountains!

Cold Formal attire

You’ve been out hiking and skiing all day in winter wonderland but now it’s time to clean up for the evening. What should you pack for a wintery evening on the town?

A pair of Southern Tide Jeans are always ready to be taken out! You already know they hug you in all the right places, add a cardigan and you’ll be all set to party! The 525 American Cardigan is a timeless piece that ties together any outfit.


Now we know there are a lot of bulky items for you to pack so let’s talk shoes.

You’re going to want to pack these Sperry Duck Boots! They go perfectly with your True Grit Pullover for a cozy and casual look. From staying warm in the cabin to hiking a mountain, these boots will get the job done!

These Duck Boots are double the fun though! They can easily be dressed up for your night out with your cardigan and nice jeans.

These boots are a staple for your trip!

So where is your destination? Wherever it is, be sure to visit Country Club Prep's website for all of your packing essentials. No matter the wardrobe, we got you! Bon voyage, Arrivederci, Ciao, Aloha Au revoir, or wherever it is you're going; see ya later!


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