How to Wear Boat Shoes: Your Ultimate Summer Shoe Guide

How to Wear & Style Boat Shoes
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Sperry Boat Shoes Guide

Versatile. Comfortable. Stylish.

These are the perfect combination of qualities you love in a pair of shoes, but can boat shoes really accomplish all three?

They can, and with a few tips from the experts, you can have everything you love in one shoe. Read on for some essential tips for how to wear boat shoes this summer--and beyond.

Boat Shoes for Travel

For Traveling

Have you ever noticed how traveling always saps your energy? It doesn't matter if you're road tripping in a car all day and taking many stops to stretch your legs. Or you can spend a ton of time in an airport waiting and only a few hours on an airplane.

By the time you get to your destination, you're exhausted. So having comfortable shoes you can slip on and off as needed makes your trip easier and more relaxed. 

Since boat shoes go with most casual clothing options (even joggers!), you can pair these with business casual attire or with dressed down comfort and still pull off layovers in style. Accompany your shoes with several layers, because they can help you go from one climate when you leave to another at your destination, or from a chilly airport to a stuffy plane.

Boat Shoes Athleisure

Go Athleisure Casual

If you always live in leggings, don't worry about dressing up to be able to wear your favorite boat shoes. You can pair them with yoga pants, even if you don't enjoy actual yoga. No one can tell whether you're a real yogi by your pants or your shoes, and athleisure is the way to go for ultimate comfort.

Put a loose-fitting exercise shirt with the pants, and you're all set to go. You can use a fun bralette to give the shirt some flirt or fly under the radar with a no-nonsense tank layer underneath.

Boat Shoes on a Date

On A Date

Gents can earn some serious fashion points on a date with their boat shoes. Pair them with the right outfit and your date will love your sense of style and give you some extra kudos.

If you've never been to the location before, research the restaurant, coffee shop, or venue ahead of time. What's the atmosphere like? The best helpful hints will be personal reviews on Yelp or a similar platform.

Once you have an idea of the typical ambiance, you can select the right outfit. A jacket and tee are the perfect combo of casual and dressy, so the boat shoes will fit right in. Or you can dress them down with the rest of the yacht club and try out the new shorts you got last week.

Whatever you wear, choose boat shoes that match the colors of your outfit. You also want to take good care of those shoes, so they don't make your otherwise perfect style look scruffy.

Boat Shoes Relaxed


If relaxed is the vibe you're going for, then adding a polo and khakis or chinos to your favorite boat shoes will accomplish that result. Who says you can't start with the shoes when designing an outfit?

Nothing says ready to play like a smart, business casual outfit with a fun ending -- boat shoes on the bottom.

Boat Shoes with Jeans


This is a versatile category. There are all kinds of denim, from dark and dressy to stone-washed, distressed casual pairs.

Whatever your favorite is, they'll work with your boat shoes. Make sure to put them with a top that matches the feel of the jeans. A snazzy blazer and a sparkly top with those dressy jeans can get the right smart casual feel with your boat shoes, especially if you have sparkly ones to go along.

Or the casual jeans that feel like an old friend? Slide them on with a tiny cuff and your best soft tee. Your plain boat shoes make this look welcoming and comfortable, without going over the top.

Boat Shoes with Shorts


Yes, if you were wondering, you can wear boat shoes with shorts. This helps your beach look along. Not only will this keep you cooler in the sun but also you'll look like less of a frat boy than if you only have flip flops to go with your shorts.

Pair with a short sleeved shirt that buttons up for a casual look that makes you feel like you only left the water a minute ago. Add some cool sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

Boat Shoes on a Boat

Best Tip for How to Wear Boat Shoes

Wear boat shoes on an actual boat. The origin of the shoe was for people who didn't want to slip on the deck, hence the rubber soles. Even as summer fades into fall, you can still take your favorite boat shoes out on the water.

Too much water can damage leather, so if you plan to go out check the weather. Don't employ those nice leather uppers on a rainy day excursion if you can help it. Or if you do, oil them down with some waterproofing first (check with the manufacturer for help with this project).

Boat Shoes Fun in Sun

Summertime Fun in the Sun

As long as you're not trying to make your boat shoes work with a suit at a black tie event, you can pair them with almost anything. These tips for how to wear boat shoes will take your wardrobe from drab to fab in a few quick changes.

Whether you're traveling or spending time on a real boat, your boat shoes will work. It doesn't hurt to have a few pairs in your closet for all occasions.

Shop boat shoes on our website and find your next pair today.


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