How to Wear Yoga Pants Everyday: 5 Need to Know Rules

How to Wear Yoga Pants Everyday: 5 Need to Know Rules
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How to Wear Yoga Pants

36.7 million people practice yoga in the US alone. And that number is increasing every year.

So it's hardly surprising that each year the sale of yoga clothes increases by 45%. But not everyone is wearing their yoga pants to the gym. 

One of the most recent fashion trends is yoga pants as outwear. They're cool, they're comfy and, if you get the right pair, they're amazingly flattering. 

But getting the wrong pair will ruin your outfit. Whether you're going to brunch or the gym, you need to know how to wear yoga pants properly. 

And you're in the right place! Read on to find out our top five tips for how to wear yoga pants like an expert!

1. How to Wear Yoga Pants That Fit Properly

This should be a given with any clothes you wear. But yoga pants are especially unforgiving when it comes to fit. 

Yoga pants that are too tight will dig in on your hips and bum. And because of their material yoga pants are great at creating muffin tops that you don't have.

And tighter yoga pants also increase your chances of visible panty lines. This destroys the chic, streamlined look. 

This might also mean they sit lower than they're meant to. To look flattering your yoga pants need to sit high on your hips. But if they don't fit pulling them up will create dreaded camel toe! 

But you also don't want your yoga pants to be too baggy. Lots of retailers' yoga pants fit slightly differently. So you might need to try a few different retailers before you find your perfect fit. 

You also might want to play around with different styles of yoga pants. When asked 'what are yoga pants' you probably think of the tight style. But boot-cut and short yoga pants are also great options.

The style and fit also affect your comfort. The beauty of yoga pants is that they're comfy and stylish. But without a good fit, you can kiss goodbye to that comfort!

2. Avoid the Sheer-Factor

Once you've got the fit of your yoga pants right you might face another obstacle: sheerness.

If your yoga pants aren't thick enough they'll become sheer when stretched. You might not be able to see this in your bedroom. But once you're out in the bright sunshine people will see everything

So it's worth investing in decent material. And if they start to wear thin, replace them.

What's underneath your yoga pants also affects their sheerness. So choose what to wear under yoga pants carefully. 

The basic rule is: wear a thong or nothing at all. Now going commando might make you a little nervous. But it's better than having your underwear showing through the back of your yoga pants! 

3. Pull Together Your Yoga Pants Outfits

Yoga pants aren't just meant for the gym anymore. Even if a Montana state representative did try to outlaw them from public use in February 2015! In fact, Athleisure wear is a growing industry. 

Knowing what to wear with yoga pants can make or break your outfit. 

If you're feeling confident, go for a tight top and an over-sized jacket. Bomber or denim jackets will dress up your yoga pants for a day look. But if you're not ready to be tight all over, pair your pants with a tank top.

And don't ruin your outfit by wearing the wrong shoes with your yoga pants. Different styles go better with certain designs of shoes. 

Boot cut yoga pants are best with simple, understated shoes. Sneakers are good provided they aren't too chunky. Or ballet flats won't mess up the bottom of your pants. 

As well as sneakers, tight yoga pants look great with simple classic sandals. Remember, you don't want your shoes to draw attention from your yoga pants. 

Tight yoga pants can also look good with boots. But always make sure you tuck your pants into the top of them. If the bottoms of your pants bunch up it'll ruin the line of the leggings.

Short yoga pants are less common as out-of-gym wear. But this doesn't mean they don't look good as day wear!

Like tight yoga pants, these look good with athletic shoes, ballet flats or sandals. If you wear boots with them, make sure the top of the boot extends over the leggings. You don't want an awkward chunk of leg on show!

4. Don't Wear Them to Work

This should be a given. Yes, yoga pants look great out in the day but they're not office wear.

The only time you should wear them near the office is if you're going to the gym before or after work. They don't double up as dress pants. And you won't impress clients by showing up to meetings in them.

A laid back, preppy look is much more office friendly.

5. Play Around with Prints

You could spend hours looking at different yoga pant prints. And there are some bold choices out there. 

It might be tempting to stick with more traditional blacks or navys. These are certainly a safer option when you're dipping your toe into the yoga pants pool. 

But don't let bold prints put you off. Look for colors or patterns that you like. And think carefully about how you'll pair them with other items in your wardrobe. 

Remember if you go for a bold leg - keep the top colors simpler. You don't want to overwhelm anyone with your outfit. 

And sometimes a print is more flattering than one block color. Yoga pants with mesh panels or patterns that change up the leg are really great for working with your body type.

So There You Have It! 

Now you know the five most important rules on how to wear yoga pants. Stick with these and you'll have no trouble introducing these sleek, cool pieces to your wardrobe. 

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