Make America Preppy Again Campaign Video

Hello to all of this great nation's Ambassadors of Prep,

Amidst the turmoil, confusion, and downright bad feeling generated in this interminable election cycle, we decided we simply could not take any more. Starting today, we're taking a stand.

We ask you to join us on our journey to re-take our pride. We ask you to join us on our quest to re-make our wardrobes. We ask you to join us on our mission to MAKE AMERICA PREPPY AGAIN.

After watching our campaign video below, we would be honored if you would help us bring preppy back: one boat shoe at a time!

Yours in loafers sans socks,
Matt & Steve
Co-founders, Country Club Prep


Preppy is alive and well, here in Connecticut. Great video!!

Glenn July 23, 2018

Officially changing my political affiliation to “preppy.”

Hunter Faux August 02, 2016

The dogs stole the show.

McPreppy August 02, 2016

Much respect gentlemen!??

Cole August 02, 2016

Gentlemen. Well played!

Wahoowah81 August 02, 2016

Love, Love, Love your video. As an old prepster 1960’s thru 1970"s I appreciate the crisp look of preppy clothing. Tailored, and well made…..all seams matching. Thank you for bringing it back. I salute, you!

Jan Wade August 02, 2016

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