Preppy News: Team USA Going 'Classic Preppy' for Rio Olympics

Team USA Preppy Olympics

Think USA Olympic Team designer Ralph Lauren might ditch his preppy heritage in favor of designing something more fitting for the tropics for the Rio games? Think again! U.S. athletes will represent America in all its preppy glory this August, sporting white denim, patriotic t-shirts, navy blazers emblazoned with the Polo pony, and red, white & blue boat shoes. Really, we could have saved them some trouble and just sent them a link to our patriotic category.


It might be naive to expect something much different from our preppiest native son, but perhaps the most inspired touch in this year's ensemble is the patriotic boat shoe. Sure, these athletes might be right at home on the bloody field of competition, but they would fit right in on The Flying Wasp with outfits that gloriously preppy. You know our mission is to #MAKEAMERICAPREPPYAGAIN, but what Ralph presupposes is - maybe it never went away?

We give them 3.5 stars. Well done, Ralph.

Team USA Uniform Sketches


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    Wahoowah81: August 02, 2016

    Next Olympics Longshanks will replace the polo pony! Make America Preppy Again!

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