Stay Comfy and Cool: 6 Styling Ideas for a New Southern Tide Polo

Styling a Southern Tide Polo Shirt
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How to Style a Southern Tide Polo Shirt

Long before polo shirts were found on sailboats and golfing greens, they served another purpose. They were, as the name implies, the shirts worn by those playing the classic game of polo.

The sport began in the 19th century, in Northern India. After that, British military officers adopted the game and began transforming the polo shirt. 

In 1920, the insignia made its way onto the polo shirt when a polo star named Lewis Lacy created the polo player logo and began selling shirts with a polo player on a pony in his home country of Argentina.

While some polo manufacturers have been around for decades, pioneers like Southern Tide have taken the polo to a whole new level of fashion.

What Is Southern Tide?

A young man named Allen Stephenson created Southern Tide out of his bedroom after he finished college.

Inspired by the power and beauty of dressing well at a very young age, Stephenson was excited about clothes from the moment he wore a tuxedo at 6 years old. The idea was to create quality shirts, to eliminate the number of clothes a person has to buy.

Southern Tide offers a wide variety of classy polos that can be worn on almost any occasion. Let's take a look at 8 of those ways in which a Southern Tide polo can be styled.

1. Modern and Preppy

If you want to wear a polo, but still keep it classy, you can do so without looking like your mom dressed you.

For men, you can wear a polo under your most fashionable suit. Opt for one with tapered pants, if you have it and keep everything else as it would be without the polo. It'll give you a fresh look while keeping you as professional as you need to be.

For women, Southern Tide clothes can keep your look modern and preppy as well. Style your polo with some wide-legged silk pants and some strappy heels. For even more finesse, tuck it in and add a belt.

2. A Look for the Weekend

Polos are great shirts to wear for brunch, weekend shopping, or even just a walk around your neighborhood.

To keep it polished but casual, remember that less is more. If your polo is bright like the Pecan Grove Jacquard polo in Georgia peach, pair it with a pair of jeans and some fashion-forward sneakers. 

You could also wear it with some boat shoes and a light jacket. Either way, you'll look cool and at ease with your coffee and muffin in hand.

For women, throw it over a pair of jeans. You could opt for some high-top converse to play it down or some ankle boots to jazz it up.

3. Wear It with a Blazer

We get it. Polos are comfortable and dressy all at the same time. And once you start wearing them, it can be hard to wear anything else. But you don't necessarily have to.

Are you planning a night out on the town? Pair your polo with a pair of jeans and a blazer. We recommend buttoning it up all the way for a look that seems as if it's straight off the runway.

Women can do the same. Tuck your polo into some high-waisted pants or a skirt and pair it with your favorite baggy blazer. 

4. Choose a Color and Stick to It

Because of the many colors that encompass Southern Tide Clothing, the possibilities are endless when it comes to color matching.

If you're rocking a light blue polo, pair it with some tapered blue pants and some light brown oxfords. For a more casual feel, opt for boat shoes and keep all those shirt buttons undone.

For women, figure out what color works best for your complexion and find a polo in that color. Look through your closet and find some silky floral pants or a striped skirt with the same color accented throughout. To top it off, try to pick shoes that match! 

Done right, wearing a look that is all hues of the same color can be very modern and fashion-forward.

5. Make It Perfect for Fall

What's better than wearing a polo under a blazer? Wearing it under a sweater! Nothing is more exciting than seeing that collared pop of color or definition coming out of a sweater neck. 

You can go for a more monotone look with subdued tones that compliment each other. Or you can go all out and let a bright green shirt pop under a darker green sweater.

Ladies can do the same. It can even be done with a sweater dress! And if your colors are more muted, compliment your collar with a necklace or earrings that pop.

6. Go Incognito

Are you ever in the mood to be seen but not noticed? Go incognito by showing that you don't care too much. Pair your polo with some shorts and wear some comfy shoes like flip-flops or Birkenstocks. Then pair your look with a hat and sunglasses! You'll look cool, clean and comfortable without too much frill. And you'll protect your skin from those harsh sun rays!

Southern Tide Offers Modern, Quality Polos

While polo shirts have been around for quite some time, the newer Southern Tide label is already competing with those big wigs who have been manufacturing polos for decades.

With so many colors and styles to choose from, you could really just only wear polos for the rest of your life, or at least on any day that you want to look fresh and feel comfortable.

Want to make a statement this weekend and dress like your favorite preppy villain? Check out how to do just that, here.


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