Keep it Simple: How to Develop Your Summer Style with Southern Fried Cotton

Southern Fried Cotton Summer Looks
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Southern Fried Cotton Tee Shirts

Are you looking for clothing that captures the famous Southern spirit with a preppy twist?

Look no further than Southern Fried Cotton.

Formed in North Carolina in 2012, this brand proudly captures all aspects of the Southern lifestyle, from lake trips and days at the beach to hunting and hitting the trails.

Need a little help with developing your summer style?

Keep reading to find out exactly how to craft the perfect wardrobe.

1. Choose a Few Key T-Shirts to Build Around 

Southern Fried offer T-shirts in loads of colors and designs which means there's something for almost everyone, whether you love nautical themes or fancy some good old USA branding.

Choosing a few key pieces to base the rest of your summer wardrobe around is a good idea. Try to purchase your tees first so that you can match the rest of your clothes to them and avoid clashing colors or patterns.

T-shirts are available for men, women, and kids, with styles including long-sleeves, short-sleeves, and tank tops. Grab a few of each if you're not sure what the weather will be like. 

Tanks are great for those really hot days, short-sleeves are good everyday options, and long-sleeves are perfect for chilly nights around the campfire.

2. Pair T-Shirts with Chinos in Classic Tones 

Chinos are a staple of preppy style and they pair really well with Southern Fried tees. They're a nice choice for days when you want to look a little smarter, maybe because you're going to work or college.

Tones like beige, sand, khaki, and navy are all really versatile and will look great right through summer and into fall.

Be sure to pick chinos that fit nicely for the smartest look. If you want to look more youthful, roll up the bottom of your pants and pair with smart leather shoes.

Chinos look great with T-shirts and button-down shirts, depending on what you're going for.

3. Add Fitted Blazers for a Smart Look 

Want to wear your favorite comfy cotton T-shirt but still look smart and sharp?

Fitted blazers are an excellent option for anyone who wants to get that preppy look.

Make sure they're properly tailored and don't be afraid to have adjustments made to find your perfect fit. Choose classic materials in muted colors like black, grey, and brown.

Blazers made of softer materials like jersey are a nice option if you want to look a little more casual on off-days.

4. Pair Southern Fried T-Shirts With Jeans for Adventures

That Southern lifestyle is all about getting outside and exploring, so Southern Fried tees are perfect for any adventures you have planned, whether it's a mammoth hike or a day on the lake.

Pair your tees with classic denim jeans for a practical, stylish look that will get you through anything.

Tees with slogans like 'Fun Times Ahead' and 'Oh Say Can You See' are perfect for capturing the spirit of those magical summer days spent with old friends.

5. Add Demin Shorts for Beach Days

There are tons of Southern Fried tees that were just made for long beach days, with anchor and boat designs and slogans like 'Beach Bums' and 'Refuse to Sink'.

Wear your favorite beach-themed tee with a pair of denim jeans for a timeless look that's ideal for fun in the sun.

Wear your T-shirt tucked in for a cool, casual look, or tie a knot in the bottom if it starts getting really hot.

It's always a good idea to throw a Southern Fried tee into your beach bag to put on after swimming or sunbathing as the soft cotton is comfortable even on the hottest of days.

6. Choose Trainers and Espadrilles as Footwear

Bright white trainers look great with any Southern Fried outfit and are perfect for sunny days in the city or exploring in nature. Choose chunky styles if you're a fan of the current 90s throwback trend.

If you want something a little more relaxed and summery, espadrilles are ideal. Available in tons of stylish, muted shades, they're easy to pair with any outfit and work with shorts and long pants.

Opt for dark blues, blacks, and browns if you want the true 'preppy' look. Matching accessories like hats and bags to your espadrilles will make you look really smart, so spend a bit of time coordinating.

7. Add Sunglasses as a Cool Accessory

Did you know that too much sun can actually do serious damage to your eyes?

That's right — but safety isn't the only reason to add sunglasses to your outfit. Stylish shades really are the natural choice of accessory to match the sunny vibes of Southern Fried clothing.

Circular glasses are a great classic option, while mirrored glasses are a cool throwback.

Even if you don't wear your sunglasses 24/7, pushing them to the top of your head or hanging them onto the collar of your shirt can complete your summer look.

8. Complete Your Look with a Cap

Southern Fried doesn't just make awesome summer tees, they also have a great selection of caps.

Caps are a valuable addition to your sun protection armory, ideal if you're planning long days out in the sun.

You'll find caps with classic American designs like flags and hunting hounds, which are perfect if you're going on an outdoor adventure. These are available in multiple shades of red and blue making them easy to match to outfits.

Lighter colored caps with cute animal motifs are great for days in the park or on the beach.

You'll also find plenty of caps with a simple Southern Fried slogan, which is perfect if you want to show off your Southern spirit.

Why Buy Southern Fried Cotton for Summer?

Southern Fried Cotton is the perfect brand to turn to for your summer wardrobe. With comfortable, classic tees in a variety of styles and colors, you'll have no problem finding options that suit your style.

Southern Fried clothing is easy to plan outfits around, whether you're going on a city break, hitting the beach, or driving out to the lake house.

Check out our excellent selection of Southern Fried clothing today.


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