Staying in Shape: The Top Activewear Trends of 2019

Activewear Trends 2019
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New Activewear

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle is the most expensive kind of lifestyle one can ever have? Inactive lifestyle, after all, costs the U.S. and its people $24 billion in direct medical costs.

In response to this, Americans have become more active and engaged in fitness and sports. From outdoor sports to class-based programs, many of us now lead an active lifestyle.

If you've recently joined this growing crowd, it's a must that you feel and look great while sweating it out. The good news is, many of the activewear trends of 2019 make this an easy feat.

Ready to conquer your fitness goals this year while looking chic, cool, and fresh all at the same time? Then be sure to keep these trends in mind as you shop for your sportswear!

Multi-Functional Activewear

With sitting now known to many as the "new smoking", physical activity participation in the U.S. has gone up. Between 2013 and 2018 alone, the number of fitness sports participants has increased by 5.9%.

Along with this increase in participants is the increase in activities participated in. After all, we all like variety in our lives, so it's common for yogis to also be into cycling and even other sports.

This is the reason activewear fashion meets multi-function this 2019. Take yoga pants, for instance. It's now common to wear yoga pants every day since they've become standard outerwear.

So this year, we can expect to see more sportswear that isn't restricted to a single sport. You can don this North Face Class V shorts whether you'll go hiking or head to the lake for some paddle boarding.

Sportswear that Doesn’t Scream Sports

Some brands have taken "multi-functionality" more seriously, creating products fit for other occasions. Yes, that may even include your 9-5 occupation!

For instance, you can pair up this Under Armour Mirror Leggings with your favorite blouse. These pants provide exceptional coverage and comfort, while it also wicks away sweat. Plus, they're dressy enough for office use.

Say Hello to the “Living Coral”

Pantone, a leading authority in all things colored, chose "Living Coral" as its color of the year. It's somewhat of a cross between pink and orange hues, making it a vibrant color. According to the experts, it's a color that "welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity".

That means a few activewear pieces in this color may prompt you to go out for a run. You know, in case you end up debating whether or not to.

More Perforated Detailing, Please

We'll also be seeing more mesh paneling in this year's best workout leggings. For starters, because perforated detailing on activewear is uber sexy. If that's not enough reason, here's another: They help boost your leggings' breathability.

If you sweat a lot during your workouts, those mesh panels will help boost airflow and wick away sweat. You can keep your cool while looking hot, be it in the gym or out on the street.

Mesh also ups the stylishness of even the most basic or plain black yoga pants and leggings. Thanks to this, you can wear them when you go out for a run and then meet up with friends after. Pair them up with the right top, and you can even get away with wearing them to work.

Matching Tops and Bottoms for Stress-Free Outfit Selection

A few years ago, a study found that it takes 17 minutes for the average woman to choose her outfit each day. That's over four days in a year that goes towards deciding what to wear alone.

Luckily, the best workout clothes this year come in sets. And yes, going matchy-matchy with your sportswear is one of the top trends to follow this year.

That's right ladies, you no longer have to worry about which tank top would go best with your track pants. You won't have to keep changing your outfit thinking that neon blue yoga bra is better than your floral one. Matching sets take all these hassles away while still keeping your style in check.

Plus, this trend also extends to swimwear. Like this matching rash guard and bikini set from Southern Tide Marina.

Floral Prints for 2019 (And Possibly, Beyond)

Floral prints will still be big in the fashion industry this year, as it should be for the many years to come. After all, flowers make us happy, with science even saying they trigger our happy hormones.

Women won't be the only ones to benefit though -- floral print on men's activewear are also a thing this year! Just look at this breathable, lightweight, and fast-drying button down shirt by Bermies.

It’s High Time for High-Rise Leggings

Another style that's in this year (and is here to stay) is the high-waisted leggings style. What makes it so special though that it's become a staple in many people's drawers?

For starters, high-rise leggings are flattering for all body types. They also make the legs appear more elongated while giving the hips a slimmer look. They're also versatile and can help cover more of your midriff if you want less skin exposed.

Let's say you've always worn something else over your sports bra to feel more comfortable. High-waisted leggings get rid of this need for an extra piece of clothing since it can cover much of your tummy.

So, if you want functional and flattering, this piece of activewear for women may just be what you need.

Follow these 2019 Activewear Trends to Stay in Shape and Style

So long as you keep these activewear trends in mind, you'll find it easy to stay cool, in shape, and in style all year round. With the right pieces, you can make every workout sesh count and still stay comfy and classy.

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe with some of the must-have pieces this year? Then be sure to check out our collection of super comfy yet stylish women's activewear!


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